best commercial coffee grinder Of 2018 & Buying Guide

There are a number of unusual facts about coffee, but it is a common truth that implies that coffee is a mass product and it is treated as a commercial one as well. We can say that almost 99% of the coffee shops, bars and restaurants do have coffee amounts on their stock.

Further on, some of them prefer to buy already grounded coffee, but the majority tend to grind coffee beans on their own. The main reason behind this is related to the coffee taste and flavor freshness that is ensured when coffee beans are grounded as nearly to the consuming time as possible.

Following the demand in the market and the necessity to provide information to anyone interested in the commercial coffee grinders, we have prepared a Buyers’ guide that will be followed by the top picks in the market.

Buyers’ Guide

1. Why should anyone choose to have a commercial coffee grinder instead of buying already grounded coffee?

There are a number of reasons behind this, but we will be providing the most relevant one. First of all, once you grind your own coffee you are sure on the coffee beans quality. It means that you know what you are grounding, consequently, you know what you are offering to your customers.

Secondly, coffee beans storage is more reliable than the grounded one is. The grounded coffee storage is more prone to moisture and other natural effects. Thirdly and most importantly, when you ground your coffee beans near to the consuming time, you are ensuring a fully fresh and tasteful cup of coffee to your consumer.

2. Is speed relevant when considering the coffee grinder?

Of course, it is! When we consider coffee shops and other units that trade coffee we are thinking of at least hundreds of consumers.

Which means that you will need a fast coffee grinder that is also able to provide quantities of grounded coffee in the shortest time possible. Anyways, make sure that your coffee grinder is durable as well.

3. What are the materials that qualify a commercial coffee grinder as one of the bests?

There are a number of materials that can provide strength and durability to the coffee grinders. These materials might be stainless steel, aluminum or ceramic as well. Depending on where it is used a given type of material might make the difference.

For instance, ceramic blades are considered to be more resistant than the stainless steel ones.

4. Is the size and shape of the commercial coffee grinder important?

We suggest that once you have ensured a strong and efficient commercial coffee grinder, its size, color or shape are irrelevant. Considering the fact that you will settle this appliance in the back of your coffee shop or bar it will be almost inaccessible to the consumer’s eyes, thus, there will be no impact in terms of design. Thus, unless you have certain storage restrictions, these elements are not considered important when speaking of commercial solutions.

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5. Is cleaning easiness a criterion?

Cleaning easiness is a very important criterion. You need to pay careful attention when you buy a coffee grinder since cleaning might affect the durability and the efficiency of the product. Also, when cleaning, make sure you are using the adequate solutions in order to prevent damage or future taste compromising.

6. Is the barista impact decisively when the cup of coffee is prepared?

We all know the importance of a professional barista when considering the consumer satisfaction.

A good barista is, in fact, one of the key elements of achieving the perfect cup of coffee. But, a good barista cannot do anything when the coffee ground provided in his/ her coffee brewing machine is not the right one.

Thus, you will always need an outstanding commercial coffee grinder in order to ensure an undisputable success with the coffee types included in you bar menu.


Review Time!

1. BUNN 22100 Bulk Commercial Coffee Grinder Review

The first model included in our review is the BUNN 22100 Bulk Coffee Grinder. It is 3 lb volume grinder that is being offered in black color. The vendors have taken care of the speed levels and grounding efficiency.


  • Turbo action feature – This system enables the coffee beans orients the coffee beans in order to provide a highly smooth grinding at a high – speed rate.
  • Protection system – You won’t be allowed to grind in case you have removed the bag.
  • Highly fast solution – It has been recorded a grounding of 1 pound/ half a minute.
  • Variety selection – You can choose between different grinding settings.


  • No cons identified – We have tried to identify any cons from our individual research and consumers’ feedback, but no cons have been identified yet.


This model is a great choice you are looking for. It provides variability, feasibility and durability. Cleaning is also made simpler thanks to its construction.

2. KRUPS GX5000 Review

The second model is coming from KRUPS. It is a professional approach offered by a burr grinder. The color is black which means that it can suit any environment although we are treating commercial products where design is not that relevant.


  • Cup selection – You can set the number of cups prior to initiating the grounding process.
  • No overheating – Considering that the model is a burr mill one, it will prevent and almost totally avoid overheating incidents. Because of this, the flavor will be perfectly encapsulated in the cup of coffee.
  • Different grinding levels – You are free to choose between 9 options that vary from espresso to French Press.
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  • Cleaning – The products is not considered as cleaning friendly user. It takes time and efforts to achieve a perfectly cleaned appliance.


  • This Krups model is found to be really interesting. It offers a number of benefits and the only downside evidenced is related to cleaning.

3. Capresso 560.04 Infinity Review

Capresso is bringing another excellent commercial coffee grinder. The 560.04 Infinity caught our attention due to the great grounding coffee mass it can achieve. When the vendors conceptualized this model they might have been thinking about a 360◦ solution.


  • Conical burr solution – This system allows the coffee beans to be perfectly grounded without losing taste or flavor. As already mentioned before, the burr models protect the coffee from overheating during the grounding process.
  • Grindz Cleaner – The product is being offered together with a highly qualitative cleaner that ensures excellent cleaning and preserving of the grinder materials.
  • Brushed Chrome – Outstanding outlook that ensures a smooth cleaning as well since there are no porous surfaces.


  • It has been evidenced occasional piling of the grounds on the back side of the container.


This model is considered to be a good one thanks to the conical burr system. The vendors have paired it with a great cleaner that adds more value to the product in terms of customer satisfaction and cleaning approach. In case you use it as per the given instruction paper, great final delivery is ensured.

4. La Pavoni ZIP – R Review

Here we are with a commercial coffee grinder coming from Italy. It is made of stainless steel and offered in red color. You can use this coffee grinder to grind different types of coffee beans with total ease. This coffee grinder has a hopper capacity of 2.2 – pound.


  • Freedom of choice – You can perfectly grind your Turkish coffee at the same extent you can grind your course type one.
  • Seal lock hopper – Thanks to this mechanism you are ensured that there will be no spilling event during grounding process.
  • Guarantee – The “La Pavoni” are offering a 5 years guarantee for the burrs which are tempered in steel.
  • Multiple settings – You can choose between different types of groundings meeting all your customers’ requests/ orders.


  • Weight – This model is weighing around 29 lb. Thus, in case you expect to transport this appliance from one place to another, the weight might be considered a con. But, if you foresee to place it at a definite place, no other cons can be identified.


This is an interesting commercial solution concerning the coffee grinders. The model is equipped with all the most important pros. As already mentioned, the only identified disadvantage is the heavy – weight. This con can also be considered a pro if you have a predefined permanent location for placing your new commercial coffee grinder.

5. Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Review

The HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso that is coming from Rancilio is another burr model alternative that has been picked up to be part of our top 5 commercial coffee grinder. This type is able to grind up to 7.7 lbs. Below we will be listing the most important pros and cons identified.

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  • Quiet operation – Despite its great abilities in terms of grinding, the model has been provided with a 166 – watt motor that ensures a free of noise operation.
  • Simple operation – HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso has been designed to grind into the porta – filter. In this way, it ensures a smooth operation.
  • A range of choices – You can grind different types of coffee grounds. The appliance offers a user – friendly programming solution.


  • Clogs – One of the most relevant disadvantages that have been encountered during the usage of this model is that certain times the coffee clogs.
  • Cleaning – Because of the clogging phenomena, you might need to frequently clean your HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso in order to achieve the expected results.


The Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso is considered to be an entry – level coffee grinder that can be suitable for any small or medium coffee shop/ bar. It offers a range selection of different types of grinding and also ensures simple operations. Apart from frequent cleaning necessity, it is considered to be a user – friendly solution.

Decision time!

When it comes to business anyone amidst small and medium entrepreneurs want to make sure that they are making the right decision. In terms of commercial solutions, the choice should provide return on investment concerning revenues and customer satisfaction as well.

Understanding this demand, we have made sure to select differentiating commercial coffee grinder models which have a great to outstanding final delivery. We want any of our readers, interested in commercial coffee grinders, to have an option that fulfills their business demands.

Considering the above-mentioned elements, we have come to the conclusion that the most outstanding model, offering a full range of benefits, is the BUNN 22100 Bulk Commercial Coffee Grinde.

This model is ensuring speed, which is one of the most important features coffee shop owners are asking from a coffee grinder. This is ensured thanks to the turbo action it has been designed with. The model can grind for half a minute up to 1 pound of coffee beans. The 3 lb. volume container allows the necessary quantity to be grinded.

Another great solution is being provided concerning user safety. The appliance will not work if you haven’t placed the bag. Thanks to this protective measure, any user, regardless of the experience, can be considered safe.

The last but not the least of the advantages is considered grinding variety. With this model, you can provide the right grounding for your Turkish coffee and your French press one as well. We also need to emphasize that there have been not identified any cons during the usage of this model up to now.