Best coffee carafe Of 2018 & Buying Guide

Coffee carafes are highly demanded in the market. They can be found in different size, shapes and materials, some of them are also historically interesting. In order for you to make the right choice, information is the key. You need to know what the most relevant features of a great carafe are and what makes it appropriate for your individual requirements.

Coffee carafes are found almost in any kitchen. They are not only used for storing coffee but other beverages as well. Many users find them really useful and usually buy more than one for storing different beverages at the same time.

Considering that these units are usually found on the countertops of the kitchen manufacturers are providing also different design approaches.

To make it simple, we will be providing answers to the most frequently asked questions in our buyer’s guide. Further on, you may consult our best coffee carafe reviews and make your own pickup.

Buyers’ Guide!

  1. Are coffee carafes durable?

The coffee carafe main function is to store hot coffee beverages. This also why many users are buying this product. Because of this, when you select your new one, keep into consideration that selecting highly durable materials is a priority.

You can find really good and reliable units made of stainless steel construction that guarantee long – lasting durability. Other BPA – free plastics are also marked as reliable when it comes to hot liquids storing. Construction is another relevant element.

You can understand the durability of the carafe from a compact like construction. If it has no edges but is made of fully rounded corners, it means that it most probably is a reliable choice.

  2. Which coffee carafes are easy to use?

After durability, the second element that impacts a buyers’ choice is the ability of a coffee carafe to offer a user – friendly experience.

Generally, carafes are designed in order to be easily managed. Anyways, you really need to be selective in this regard. Make sure that your coffee carafe has an ergonomic shape that allows you to easily manage and transport it from one place to another.

Also, it is very important for your carafe to have a properly sealable lid that will prevent possible kitchen incidents. Handles are also important.

When you are about to buy the new carafe, pick it up and simulate relevant actions as you were about to use it in your kitchen. Real experience simulations help you to understand whether the carafe fits your handling individuality or not.

3.  What are the right dimensions for this product?

We need to make it clear – There is no right or wrong answer to this questions. It is fully dependent on your expectations. In case you are looking for a family coffee carafe, the largest it is the better will be.

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Whilst, in case you are looking for an individual solution, even a small sized one would be great. All you need to do is test how much weight can you lift during the pouring process.

  4. How often should one wash its coffee carafe?

Depending on the construction material and the usage frequency washing might vary. For instance, if you are using a stainless steel coffee carafe and you are using it a lot, washing it with abundant water once in 24 – 48 hours is recommended in order for it to be kept clean.

Weekly cleaning with the recommended cleaning solutions is suggested in order to prevent scaling. Whilst, if you are using BPA – free plastic coffee carafe you might need to clean it more frequently in order to prevent it from getting brownish or yellowish.

  5. Do coffee carafes have spare parts?

Those manufacturers whose main focus is in producing coffee carafes and other coffee related products are also producing spare parts for coffee carafes. When we speak of carafe spare parts we are referring to handles, lids, sealing rings and similar elements.

In case you are considering to use a considerable budget for buying your next coffee carafe, make sure the vendor is also storing spare parts.


Review time!

1.  Hiware solution Review

The first product part of our review is coming from Hiware. It is a 2 – liter coffee carafe which is provided in a stainless steel construction. The Hiware coffee carafe is vacuum insulated and is offered as a highly thermal one.


  • 18/10 stainless steel construction – You can rely on this coffee carafe for many years. Even the handles are made of safe materials which won’t allow any kitchen incidents to happen.
  • Temperature capture and maintenance – This model is able to maintain the temperature for more than 24h time. It can be used for storing hot beverages like coffee and cold ones like tea or lemonades.
  • Easy cleaning experience – The manufacturers of this unit have been focused on a user – friendly experience. They have granted to this unit an opening design that allows easy cleaning.
  • After sales services – In case you are not getting what you were expecting from the unit, you can return it and it will be fully refunded. Also, the vendors are providing it with two years warranty terms.


  • Heat retain – The lid needs to be firmly pushed in order for the unit to maintain the temperature as per the expectations.


This model is considered a great one when you are looking for a stainless steel constructed unit that allows your beverages to maintain the original temperature for more than 24h. It can be easily washed and managed. The only downside reported is the strength you need to put in order for the lid to be properly closed.

2. Vremi 51 oz Coffee Carafe Review

Vremi 1.5 litre carafe is an attractive approach. These carafes are being found in the market with different colors like red, blue, black, etc. The unit is equipped with a heat cold retention mechanism that keeps the temperature for a long time.

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  • Feasibility – You can use the Vremi carafe model for many purposes. Thanks to its versatile shape, you can perfectly use it for:
    • Soup
    • Coffee
    • Drinks
  • User – friendly experience – Thanks to the push – button you can easily manage the storage release. The unit is considered great as it allows pouring with one hand only.
  • Design – This model is not only efficient in terms of temperature keeping, but it is also attractive. Its modern shape and bright colors allow you to keep it anywhere in the office.


  • Hand wash only – Users have reported that this carafe can be washed only by hand. It is not washing machine safe.


In case you do not mind to hand wash your new carafe, the Vremo model is a great option. It is efficiently provided in at least 3 different colors. You can choose this model in case you are looking for a family solution – the Vremo unit holds up to 1.5 litres of liquid which is equal to 6.3 cups.

3. BUNN 36725.0000 Review

When coffee is the subject, you cannot leave BUNN behind. BUNN 36725.0000 is the next product we are proposing as one of the best coffee carafes in our review list. It is a generous solution in terms of capacity – it can store up to 3.8 litres.


  • Lever – Action Airpot – Brew your coffee in your favorite coffee carafe thanks to the smart lever – action Airpot solution.
  • Ergonomic shape – You can easily transport the unit from one place to another thanks to the ergonomic shape.
  • Modern to futuristic style – Your new coffee carafe will provide a modern touch to your kitchen. Its stainless steel & black shine is high eye – catching.


  • Only NAES – This product has been built only as per the NAE Standards.
  • Cleaning – User feedback indicates that cleaning might become challenging without a set of tailored cleaning tools. Parts cannot be easily detached for washing purposes.


BUNN 36725.0000 is offered as an efficient carafe, able to store up to 3.8 litres which make it great for big families or medium offices. If you are located in a country which has NAE Standards, you can take advantage of this proposal.

4. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Carafe Review

It is now time to check what Zojirushi has to offer as the best coffee carafe. Its thermal solutions are great when you want to store cold beverages or hot coffee for many hours in a row. This model is also built with vacuum insulation in order for you to forget about physics in terms of compression.


  • Indestructible – Here you are with the most endurable coffee carafe at your disposal. It is fully constructed of stainless steel.
  • Heat retention liner – No temperature Your beverage will maintain the original temperature for hours and hours.
  • One – touch pour – Everything becomes easier thanks to this option. No mess and no need for frequent cleaning of your countertop. Zojirushi is dedicated to keeping its surroundings clean.
  • Pinch – release option – This two finger solution is a value added feature to be included in the list of user – friendly options applied in this model.
  • Easy cleaning approach – The opening mouth design is the feature that allows user feasibility when it is time to clean the unit.
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  • No cons have been identified or reported from existing user feedback.


This is an outstanding proposition offered by Zojirushi. It evokes a number of pros that might become handy to any type of user. Another important element is that so far, there has not been evidenced any cons related to this unit.

5. AMYAMY Thermal Carafe Review

The last model included in our best coffee carafe review is Metal 304 Stainless Steel Serving presented by AmyAmy. It is a 70 – ounce stainless steel constructed coffee carafe that offers generous storage for all your family needs.


  • Multipurpose – You can use this carafe for not only coffee. It is great for all types of cold and hot liquids.
  • Detachable parts – You can easily remove the stopper in order for the unit to be properly cleaned.
  • Easy set – The size and shape of this model allows it to perfectly fit in any brewing appliance in order for you to have a hassle – free brewing and pouring experience.


  • Thermal insulation – Users have reported that the thermal insulation can be corrupted, thus you need to pay careful attention to usage.


In case you are looking for a coffee carafe that can fit most of the brewing instalments and can also be used for storing other types of beverages as well, the AMYAMY Thermal Carafe is a good choice. All you need to do is to pay attention to the instructions in order to protect the thermal insulation.

Decision time!

This is the last section of our Buyers’ Guide, it is the moment to announce the best of the best coffee carafe which was selected from best professional advises being part of our review. We believe that the best coffee carafe needs to be reliable, multi – functional and offer a user – friendly experience. Based on this set of features, we do believe that the best one is: Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Carafe.

The Zojirushi model is considered as highly durable thanks to its stainless steel construction that remain uncorrupted from hot or cold temperatures. In order to protect your beverages from temperature escape, the heat retention liner enables the necessary protection mode.

Another valuable asset of this model is its ability to provide a user – friendly experience. Two of the key components in this regards are:

  • One – touch pour
  • Pinch – release option

You will enjoy a stress – free pouring experience. No drips will escape and thus you won’t need to worry about cleaning.

When it comes to washing feasibility, Zojirushi has thought about that too. This model has a wide opening that permits you to properly and easily clean the internals.