Things That You Should Know About The Consumption Of Coffe Beans

Most of the individuals wonder whether they can eat coffee beans or not. Well, the answer is yes. Coffee beans are known to boost energy levels. Also, they (non-flavored coffee beans) contain very fewer calories.

However, if you want to eat raw, unroasted coffee beans then probably you will not like its taste. Coffee beans (raw, or green) are highly acidic and usually have woody or grassy flavor. Also, they are harder as compared to roasted beans. Due to this reason, you may not be able to chew appropriately.

You consume only filter parts of the coffee beans whenever you drink coffee. Most of the beneficial compounds of coffee beans get eliminated or destroyed during filter process. When you eat coffee bean, obviously there is no filter. Thus, by eating coffee beans you get all of its benefits.

What Coffe Beans Contains?

  • Antioxidants And Catechols

Coffee beans contain caffeine and catechols. These compounds are known to increase the amount acid in your stomach. This increased stomach acid can cause heartburn and other health issues.

However, positive thing is that coffee beans contain more amount of antioxidant as compared to the cup of coffee that you usually drink. Coffee is considered as the best source of antioxidants. Antioxidants can effectively improve your cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and immune system. Also, its considered as the best way to prevent cancer and other health-related problems. Thus, the more antioxidant you will consume, the more healthy life you will lead.

Some of the antioxidants get destroyed or eliminated from the green state coffee beans during roasting procedures. According to reports, dark roasted coffee beans usually contain very fewer antioxidants.

  • Caffeine
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Coffee beans consumption can help your body to absorb caffeine faster. Caffeine blocks the hormone adenosine, as a result, we feel more alert and awake.

Adenosine hormone makes us feel drowsy and is also the reason behind some specific pains related to inflammation of muscle. It’s the kind of pain that most us feels after over-exerting the muscles. According to the study reports of the University Of Georgia, caffeine can effectively reduce after exercise muscle soreness.

The caffeine present in coffee beans is also known to stimulate contraction in bowls.

There so many benefits associated with the consumption of coffee beans and the caffeine present in it. The green coffee bean extract is known to reduce weight and treat high blood pressure. However, there are certain side effects associated with caffeine.

Increase in heart rates, irregular heartbeats, agitation, vomiting, increased breathing, nausea and anxiety are some common side effects associated with the consumption of caffeine.

Caffeine can enhance or support anxiety symptoms, thus be careful. Also, individuals that are breastfeeding, pregnant, or have IBS (irritable ball syndrome), osteoporosis or any other health-related problems should consume caffeine carefully. If you don’t know what amount of caffeine will be safe for you, I will suggest you consult your doctor and clear all your doubts.

Benefits Of Eating Coffee Beans

  • It will help you to prevent cancer
  • It will Improve your cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and immune system.
  • Coffee beans are known to reduce pain related to muscle inflammation
  • Coffee beans are known to reduce drowsiness
  • Eating Coffee Beans will boost your overall energy
  • Coffee beans can effectively control and treat high blood pressure problems.
  • Coffee beans are known to maintain overall health of human body
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Problems Associated with Eating Coffee Beans

  • Coffee Beans can cause heartburn due to high stomach acid amounts
  • It contains caffeine that can raise the anxiety symptoms
  • It’s inappropriate consumption or overdose can lead to several health issues like heartbeats, agitation, vomiting, increased breathing and nausea etc.

Tips To Eat And Things To Avoid

There is nothing wrong with eating coffee beans. You can eat them, but carefully. Don’t overdo it otherwise it can lead to some side effects. Eat appropriate amount of coffee beans to get its maximum benefits.

Also, avoid eating flavored coffee. They have similar effects but they contain more calories. Thus, it will be great for you to avoid flavored beans.


Overall, yes you can eat Coffee Beans in its every form ( raw, roasted etc.). Just avoid overdoing whichever form of coffee beans you choose to eat.

Most of the people prefer to drink brewed coffee than the coffee beans. However, coffee beans are bitter but are really great for human health. It’s full of health benefits. Try and realize its benefits.