How to Store Coffee Beans

Ground coffee might be an easy grab-and-go solution right out of your cabinet, but coffee lovers already know it has one big problem: It loses some of the valuable flavor! Once you have turned coffee beans into coffee grounds, their shelf life diminishes greatly. In order to enjoy the full flavor of any coffee brew, it’s best to grind your own coffee beans. However, storing coffee beans in itself can turn into some what of a hassle if you don’t know how to do it properly.

The best way to store coffee beans is in a cool, dry, dark place in an airtight container. This will prevent the sunlight or air from making them go stale or losing their flavor. This will keep them in the freshest state possible. When you want to grind your coffee beans, only grind as much as you need for the coffee you are brewing today. If necessary, you can also grind them the night before, but you will get the absolute best flavor if you wait until the very last minute to take out your beans and grind them.

Serious about your coffee? Most coffee lovers are. That’s why many companies have created specialized vacuum-sealed containers that allow you to pump the air of your container before sticking your coffee beans back into the cabinet. This is most certainly the freshest way to keep your coffee beans in the cabinet! By preventing air from getting to them, you are helping keep the humidity and temperature levels stable and thus preventing them from losing valuable flavor or going bad because of high moisture content.

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These canisters are made of stainless steel and run about $25. It’s important that you use an opaque (non-clear) container. Even though coffee beans can be very pretty to look at, letting light get to them will only damage their flavor’s quality. If you would like to put some coffee beans on display in your home, buy a bag devoted just to that and don’t plan on drinking it.

Now, since your coffee beans need to be kept cool, be careful about which cabinet you place them in as well. Don’t stick them above the oven or near another cooking appliance that puts out heat.

Finally, consider how big the bag is that you’re buying. Keeping a “coffee stash” might seem convenient since it means you won’t have to worry about wandering off to the store first thing in the morning when you discover your jar has run empty, however, the longer you keep coffee beans around, the more flavor they lose. You always want the freshest beans possible, and that means buying a little at a time and using them quickly.

If you follow this advice, you’ll always get to enjoy a high-quality brew!