Jura Coffee Maker Reviews Of 2018 & Buying Guide

In this review, we will be focused on a specific brand of coffee makers. The main reason for doing this is because there are a lot of customers who prefer to know anything on their preferred brand name.

Jura is a well – established coffee maker vendor that has elaborated its power and impact throughout its experience. It is mainly offering mid to high – level coffee makers that are generally welcomed by the users and the feedback is excellent.

Buyer’s Guide:

1. Who is Jura and why choosing a Jura coffee maker?

Jura is a company that is specialized on automatic coffee makers/ machines. It has dedicated its resources and efforts only to this product category with the only aim – becoming an expert in the field.

Jura is a Swiss company but is has already established a global service provisioning in order to grant support anywhere in the world. The parts of the Jura Coffee Makers are designed and built in such a way to allow full maintenance regardless of the time and frequency in terms of usage.

2. What are the main Jura principles?

First of all, it is coffee taste! This is the main purpose why Jura invests only in one product category – deliver an outstanding taste of coffee through its automatic coffee machines. Jura engineers have recently invented the P.E.P.®- Pulse Extraction Process. This invention ensures a full flavor also in the case of short specialties.

User experience – RFID technology (wireless technology) links the coffee filter with the coffee machine in such a way that the coffee machine understands by means of the coffee filter type, what are the necessary settings to be chosen. Thus, Jura, by this technological approach guarantees a happy and simple user experience life.

Jura has been taking care of design as well. The shape and construction of the materials used, fully represents Jura products durability. Z6, for instance, is one of the examples that perfectly illustrate Jura focus on design.

3. What are Jura maintenance products?

As previously mentioned above, Jura has set e global service approach and ensured that all its coffee makers/ machines’ parts are fully maintained over the years. In order to further enrich the customer experience in terms of cleaning and maintenance, Jura is also providing a set of products that are available for this purpose.

  • Filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Smart
  • CLARIS Pro Blue
  • 2-phase-cleaning tablets
  • Descaling tablets
  • Milk system cleaner

Review Time!

1. Jura Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus Review

This is a 12 – Cup coffee maker. Jura engineers have constructed this model in stainless steel materials in order to ensure long durability and strength. It is coming with an in – built grinding solution in order for you to achieve the necessary type of grinding with complete easiness. You can brew any type of coffee for any purpose.

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  • In – built cord storage solution – Once you are done with your coffee maker you can store the cord in the in – built compartment in order to avoid mess around your appliance.
  • Glass carafe – With the aim to preserve coffee flavor at max, the carafe is made of glass. Despite this, it is also dishwashing machine safe.
  • User – friendly – You can easily remove both the bean container and the water flask in order to properly clean or fill them.
  • Oily coffee bean function – This is an outstanding feature that enables a full grinding for roasts that are considered oily.
  • Programmable – By means of an attractive control panel you can select between numbers of programmable options like:
    • Brew and pause
    • Auto shut off
    • Cancel button
    • Preset function
  • Guarantee – Jura is providing one year warranty for your Jura Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus model.


  • There were no cons identified from user feedback.


An outstanding technological advancement has been marked with this model. Jura has made sure to provide its users with a friendly experience and outstanding final delivery. In case you are looking for the best Jura elements backed by great warranty terms, this is the model you should choose.

2. Jura IMPRESSA C65 Review

Impressa C65 is an interesting coffee machine that comes as an automatic solution. It offers a smooth brewing experience and a tasteful final delivery. Just like as always, even in the given case, Jura has devoted itself to providing a great product in terms of users’ experience.


  • Rotary Switch – Thanks to this smart single switch you can easily operate your Jura model for a user – friendly experience.
  • Adjustable height – You can select the desired height of the coffee tube in order to fit your cup size. The adjustable height is within the interval of 2.6 – 4.4 inches.
  • Foam frothier –Based on the technological advancements that Jura has developed, this model ensures the finest foam from the milk.


  • Milk temperature – The only downside evidenced in regards to this model is that the steamed milk is not being provided at the right temperature.


The Jura Impressa C65 is great for foaming. You can enjoy the best cappuccino ever thanks to the tech solution applied in this regards. This model does not require user expertise since it can be easily operated from any user level.

 3. Jura IMPRESSA C9 Review

This is another outstanding model coming in a black outfit. The Jura Impressa C9 is again an automatic coffee maker. The device is being provided with a thermal milk container that can store up to 14 ounces. Together with the product, you will be receiving a DVD that provides detailed descriptions on how to froth, brew or clean your Jura coffee maker.

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  • Beverage settings – You can choose between different types of beverages by just pushing the corresponding button:
    • Coffee
    • Espresso
    • Cappuccino
    • Milk
    • Hot water
  • Power – This model is withholding the power of an 18-bar pump.
  • Thermal – Block heating system – Thanks to this technological solution, temperatures will be maintained at the necessary levels
  • 2 years warranty – Your appliance will be under two years guarantee term.


  • Size – The water container of this model is considered relatively small from the users’ point of view. The same concern is coming in regards to the coffee container as well.
  • Fixed steam tube – You cannot adjust the spill height, thus only a given size of a cup can be used with this model.


Your taste will not refrain! You can brew espresso, cappuccino, and milk or even have a shot of hot water thanks to the beverage settings offered with this model. The thermal block enables heat levels maintenance in order not to loose taste.

4. Jura Ena Micro 1 Review

Jura Ena Micro 1 is another smart model considered environmentally safe. The appliance has been designed to save energy in order to be efficient. This is a great model which vows to provide an outstanding espresso. Considering the cup size, it is a great choice for individual needs.


  • Bean to cup – The user can individually choose the size of the cup he/ she wants to use.
  • Fragrance conservation cover – It is the ultimate solution that ensures the flavors and aroma are being fanatically stored for a tasteful cup of coffee.
  • Energy Safe – As previously mentioned this model has been designed in order to be energy safe and efficient.
  • In – built grinder solution – The grinder is able to provide different levels of grinding.
  • User – friendly – You can choose your favorite size of cup (3 dimensions) and aroma (2 levels). All of these are found in the compact control panel construction.


  • Cleaning frequency – The only downside of this model, if we can call it a downside, is its necessity for frequent cleaning. The reason behind this is the protection from humidity levels, particularly in areas where humidity is aggressive.


If you are looking for an environmental approach, the Jura Ena Micro 1 is the right model for you. It is energy safe. It also has an in – built grinding solution in order for you to avoid a second coffee appliance. It is user – friendly, thus anyone can easily use it.

5. Jura Ena 9 – One Touch Review

It is now time to present the Jura Ena 9 – One Touch. This model is coming with an attractive outlook and great coffee making abilities. It looks like the Jura Ena 9 – One touch will definitively enjoy their home coffee brewing experience and show off their attractive appliance as well.

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  • Design – The unit is covered in a double coat of silver polish look like material that adds eye – catching elements.
  • Coffee variants – You can choose between 6 types of variants.
  • Dual spout adjustment – You can select the right height of spout according to the cup size.
  • Programmable features:
    • Amount of water
    • Coffee strength
    • Conical burr grinder
  • Cleaning easiness – The model is characterized by an integrated rinsing function and a descale mechanism.
  • Foam solution – You can enjoy your favorite latte macchiato or cappuccino thanks to the foam solution provided in this Jura model.


  • One of the disadvantages encountered in Jura Ena 9 – One touch the necessity to heat the milk prior to foaming.
  • Water tank – The size of the water tank is relatively small, thus, you will need to continually refill it in order to produce above 3 cups of espresso.


If you are looking for an undisputable attractiveness, the Jura Ena 9 – One Touch is the model that has been designed with a lot of eyes – catching elements. The appliance offers a wide range of options as well. You can program the coffee strength and the amount of water.


We already mentioned at the very beginning that Jura has dedicated all its investments and efforts into becoming an expert in the coffee maker/ machines lines. Thus, each and every single product that it is being launched from this manufacturer in the market is reliable and ensures the user for a long – lasting durability and extraordinary taste.

Despite this, we yet feel the urge to announce the top up of the top coffee makers included in our review section. When we chose it we took care in order for it to be an indisputable final delivery, fast and efficient.

Jura Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus model resulted in the winner of this eager competition. This model is fully programmable. You can decide to select the “brew and pause” option, the “auto shut off or cancel” option or the “pre – set” one. Another important element is the glass carafe which ensures a healthy approach in regards to coffee storage. Thanks to the oily coffee bean function you can grind to the ground the oily roasts.

The given glass carafe is also dishwashing safe – another relevant factor when considering easy cleaning options. The water container and the coffee one as well are fully removable for a further facilitation of the cleaning process.

With the Jura Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus, you will reduce chances for a mess. Thanks to the in – built cord storage, at the moment you finish the brewing stage the cord easily inserted into the appliance.

Jura is also taking care on the after sales aspect. In this regards, it is offering this model with a 1-year warranty.