Best Espresso Machine With Steam Wand Of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you are a cappuccino or café latte love and you enjoy home brewing your favorite beverages, chances are that you are already familiar with a steam wand. But, in case you are at the beginning phase of home coffee brewing than there are a few elements you need to be informed in regards to milk preparation for your next cappuccino made by you.

Steam wands, for instance, are the perfect tool for preparing an espresso. You can achieve milk foam in just a few seconds if you have had several trials or practice cases. In order to master the steam wand management, you really need to practice a lot considering the fact that the steam wand is fully manually operated.

Buyers Guide!

1. What is the so – called “Wand”?

The main functional purpose of a steam wand is to heat your espresso/ cappuccino milk. In case you already have an espresso machine at home, by all means, it is equipped with a certain type of steam wand. Steam wands might be processing milk in two main ways:

  • Dispense it into the cup
  • Release steam into milk

In case you want to get the best and the most of your espresso steam wand, you need to know what type is it.

2. Traditionally marketable wand

This type of wand is made of solid metals such as stainless steel. These wands are operated through a regulator that is manually controlled. The wands have a number of holes that are used to release the steam.

The number may vary depending on the type of espresso machine or the size of it. When we focus on tradition and espresso quality, we can deliberately call this type of wand as the best one. All it needs is continuous practice in order for you to master the manual operation.

3. Steam wand with froth support

The steam wand that is supported by a frother can be encountered in many entry – level espresso machines.

As far as the design and shape it is almost similar to the first type treated in this Buyers Guide. The differences stand in the way it is operating.

In this case, the regulator can be even electronic, not only mechanical. Anyways, although it might offer an easier experience, the final delivery is quite the same to the traditional steam wand.


4. Automatic approach – way too easy!

Of course, the technological advancement couldn’t let steam wands behind. Some really sophisticated espresso machines are being offered in the market with automatic milk frothing mechanisms. Anyways, we still need to emphasize that user manual operation isn’t fully excluded even in this case. You will always need to select the type of frothing you need to apply for you espresso beverage.

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5. How to take care for a steam wand?

In order for your espresso machine steam wand to be fully effective for many years to come, regular care is necessary. Regardless of the type of steam wand, below you can find the signs of a malfunctioning or congested one:

  • The steam produces a strange sound similar to a whistle.
  • The steam release is notably reduced or there is no release at all
  • The steam does not release steam but it drops hot water instead

Depending on the type of espresso machine the steam wand cleaning procedure may differ. In order for you not to fall into an undesired mistake, we strongly suggest following the relevant instructions provided in the instruction paper included in the espresso machine box.

There are certain types of steam wands that can be detached for further cleaning and maintenance. Since this process is more complicated, in case you have doubts on your individual ability to detach and then reassemble it back, call your espresso machine online support or visit espresso machine caretaker professionals in your area.

Let us provide you with some of the most amazing espresso machines with a steam wand in order for you to take a wise decision.

Review Time!

1. KRUPS XP1020 Review

Krups XP1020 is an espresso machine with steam wand. It is being offered with a carafe made of glass and black color. This model operates at 750 – watt and delivers up to 4 cups.


  • Knob for selecting steam mode – You can select the steam mode by means of a knob that allows you to easily control the unit.
  • Cool grasp – Regardless of beverage temperature in the glass carafe you can safely grasp it thanks to the safe – cool handle.
  • Burn-out shield – This model is offered with a burn – out the shield that avoids burning incidents with your coffee/ espresso.


  • Machine temperature – From existing users, it has been reported that the appliance needs to cool down after each brewing process before starting another one.


This model is equipped with a traditional steam wand which is able to produce tasteful espresso shots with no risk of burning – out. It has a number of elements that enhance user experience such as the cool – handle, spoon included in the box and the burn – out the shield. The only downside reported is related to machine resting necessity from one brewing to another.

2. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine Review

It is now time to check the Rancilio model – Silvia espresso machine. Rancilio espresso machines are usually equipped with a traditionally commercial type of steam wand. Even in this case, we can taste the delicious milk foam produced by the commercial wands


  • Durable construction – This model is built with an iron frame and also enforced with stainless steel boards.
  • Group head – Traditionally constructed in order to enable you to perfectly extract the coffee ground and maintain stable heat levels.
  • Professional – like steam wand – Enjoy your café latte or cappuccino milk cover thanks to the professional steam wand built in this model.
  • Classic design – The shape and outer appearance of this model allow it to perfectly suit any type of kitchen or office style.
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  • The only downside reported in regards to this model is that you need to press the tamper at a predefined force.


It is commonly agreed that this model delivers highly qualitative espresso shots and milk foam thanks to the commercial – grade steam wand. You can place this unit anywhere and it will match any type of furniture. All you need to do is enjoy your cup of espresso.

3. Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Review

Breville had to be part of our review related to espresso machines with steam wand. The ESP8XL Cafe Roma is an outstanding performer that possess all great qualities of a steam wand espresso maker. This is the type of steam wand with froth support.


  • Steam wand with froth support – It is your opportunity to enjoy an espresso shot with fewer efforts in preparing the milk foam. Thanks to the froth support you will have the milk thick cover in an instant.
  • Thermo block system – This feature ensures temperature protection from escape and excellent espresso flavors.
  • 3 filters – The ESP8XL Cafe Roma is bundled with 3 types of filters to fit different preferences – single, double & pod.
  • 6 expresso cups warming tray – In order to ensure the exact temperature of the espresso shot, you can heat 6 cups simultaneously at the heating tray.


  • During the testing phase, there has been evidenced no cons. Also, no cons have been reported from existing users’ feedback.


This is, by all means, an excellent solution when you are looking for a steam wand coffee machine, but you do not want to fully manually operate it. This model is assisted by froth, thus you can enjoy your espresso with fewer efforts.

4. BELLA 13683 Espresso Maker Review

Using Bella model you can achieve different types of espresso shots by just using a button. The 13683 Espresso Maker is a smart solution that provides up to 4 cups at the same time. The box is also including a measuring scoop to enhance your experience.


  • Easy to use steam wand – The manufacturers of this appliance have been thinking on enriching user experience. The steam wand is really easily managed and controlled.
  • Easy cleaning – Cleaning is simplified thanks to the removable cover that allows you to thoroughly wash and clean the interiors. Another element that adds more value to the cleaning experience is the removable drip tray.
  • After sales experience – Bella is not only thinking about how to produce and sell an excellent espresso machine with steam wand, but it is also thinking about how to take care after the purchase. That is the reason why it is offering a 2 – year warranty term.
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  • Glass carafe included in this unit is not dishwashing machine safe. You need to hand wash it.


If you are not worrying over hand washing dishes than hand – washing the glass carafe won’t cause you so much trouble. This means you can perfectly enjoy the benefits of the Bella 13683 Espresso Maker.

5. Breville 800ESXL Review

It is the last product included in our review, but we need to say that it is an amazing espresso machine with steam wand. It has a pump pressure that reaches up to 15-Bars.


  • Water temperature adjustment – Thanks to this feature you will always be offered the right temperature necessary for the extraction process.
  • Triple Prime Pump – Thanks to this triple action the ground coffee will receive the necessary moisture to ensure full flavor extraction.
  • Steam wand with frother – You can get the most from your steam wand thanks to the frother element.
  • It includes a full pack of accessories:
    • Filters
    • Tamping tool
    • Cleaning tool
    • Stainless steel frothing pitcher
  • After sales services – Breville will be there to support your user experience thanks to the 1 – year warranty support.


  • The machine is manually operated, thus you need to be careful to follow each step closely.


You can rely on this espresso machine with steam wand whenever you are about to taste the ultimate coffee flavors delivered by this man handled machine.

Decision time!

Looking forwards to your next espresso machine with a steam wand? We already presented to you the best 5 models found in the market. We took care to select these models based on the importance of an excellent steam wand, able to produce the thickest and most tasteful milk foam. All of these models are no doubts offering great final delivery in your espresso cup. All of these models are expected to be durable to time and usage, yet we were able to differentiate one of them as the most outstanding performer.

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma has been picked up to announced at the top of the top espresso machine with steam wand. It is the type of steam wand with froth support. This characteristic is a bonus for any individual who is looking for the milk foam taste with fewer efforts.

Additionally to this characteristic, the Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma offers other beneficial features such as the thermos-block system (it guarantees no flavors escape), three filters (to fulfill all user demands for single, double & pod choice).

Another value added element is the warming tray associated with this model. You can heat 6 espresso cups at the same time. This possibility enables you to further maintain intact the espresso shot temperature.

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma resulted to be our winner, but independently, you can individually select your preferred model, always having into consideration our recommendations provided in the Buyers’ Guide section.