Best Coffee Grinder Brewer Combo Of 2018 & Buying Guide

We have mentioned even previously that there are several types of coffee makers that offer a combination of the coffee grinder and brewer. These models are combo ones that allow the user to grind and brew the coffee by providing fresh grounds and further fresh flavors.

There are way too many benefits a user can take advantage of when choosing to buy a combo coffee maker. Because of this, many serious coffee maker manufacturers have invested their efforts and resources to understand which are the key components of these machines and improve their performance further on.

User demand for this type of coffee maker has been significantly increasing, thus, we evaluated the opportunity to create a Buyers’ guide for such purpose. Considering the number of similar models in the market, we have also picked up those ones that have been reported as the best out there.

Buyers’ Guide!

There is really so much to say about the built – in coffee grinder and brewer. We know that there are lots’ of details one can focus on when discussing this topic. But, it is also important not to get lost in irrelevant details which do not make any difference at the end.

1. In order to be useful, we have decided to focus on the most important characteristics and features that a coffee grinder brewer combo can provide to the user.

Space efficiency – Proved

When you start counting the kitchen appliances you might even get lost. Our technological era has imposed us to look forwards automatization and decrease manual operations, thus our kitchen might be full of tools and equipment.

In the case you are going to buy a home coffee brewer, most probably the main motivation is enjoying freshly made cups of coffee. Thus, you most probably will not be using pods or capsules, you will also need a coffee grinder.

Here we are suddenly with two new kitchen appliances! If you chose to purchase a combo solution, the space you will have to allocate for the unit will be smaller than the one that you would have to allocate for two separate ones.

Adaptability & compatibility – Checked

Lets’ assume that you have enough room in your kitchen to accommodate to new appliances. Did you ever think that not all coffee grinders are suitable for a given coffee brewer and vice – verse? We bet you didn’t!

Because of this, when you buy a coffee grinder brewer combo you are assuring yourself a hassle free experience. You will not have to worry about the coffee grounds level. Your combo machine will grind coffee at the exact level that the brewing mechanism requires it.

Budget efficiency – Variable

As a matter of fact, we cannot provide a universal truth for the given statement. Thus, we are considering it variable. We have encountered a number of combo solutions that are offered in the market with a lower price when compared to similar segmentation but separate ones.

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On the other hand, we have also found great stand – alone variants that total price is lower or at least equivalent to the combo version. Thus, we have to return to the compatibility issue. Not all coffee grinders are fitting your coffee brewer/ maker. Anyways, we recommend you to focus on the well – known and reliable brands out there.

2. What about the disadvantages? Are there any disadvantages associated with the coffee grinder brewer combo?

Limitations – Existing

When you need to change the coffee beans in the grinder (maybe because they are not fresh or just because you need to change the coffee beans type) you will need to grind it to the end. There is no other way out. In case it was a stand – alone grinder, the removal of the existing coffee beans would have been easier.

Another disadvantage in regards to limitations is the fact that the combo coffee grinder cannot be used for other types of brewing, but only for those that the machine is designed for.

The last and most relevant disadvantage we have encountered related to limitations is that in the event that your coffee grinder breaks or for any possible reason does not grind anymore, you will have to evaluate the damage. What does this mean?

Well, if your coffee maker does not suit to any other coffee grinder then you will have to forget about the combo. Meanwhile, in the case it can fit with another coffee grinder, you will still have to purchase a new one. Thus, in both cases, you will have to spend money in.

3. Are there any differences in terms of cleaning a combo solution compared to a stand – alone one?

Well, as a matter of fact, cleaning a combo device might be a more complex process than cleaning a stand – alone one.

Anyways, we have to emphasize that you should focus on how the unit is constructed and the number of attachments. In case the unit has lots’ of attachments, cleaning it might be easy. You will detach the parts and clean them one by one.

Whilst, if the unit is constructed mainly as a whole, cleaning might become a challenge. Make sure you carefully read the description before you purchase your new coffee grinder brewer combo.


Review Time!

1. Hamilton Beach 49980A Review

The Hamilton solution is a coffee grinder brewer combo that produces single serve shots. In fact, you can choose between a full pot and a single serve. The abundant size of the coffee tank makes this unit a great one for families.


  • 12 cup glass carafe – The Hamilton Beach 49980A offers two choices. You can either brew the coffee in the 12 cup water container, or you can brew it in the mug for traveling purposes.
  • Choose the brewing strength – You can select between regular or bold coffee thanks to the adjustment settings provided.
  • Programmable solution – Hamilton Beach 49980A offers a range of programmable features.
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  • Carafe temperature keeping – From user reports, we have encountered that the only downside of this model is that the carafe can hold temperature only up to two hours.


The unit sounds to be a great option for those individuals who are looking for an easy to use coffee grinder brewer combo. It is not a complex machine, but it offers the necessary programmable features.

2. Xshuai Haier Retro Velocity Review

This model is a 4 – cup one. It is being offered in silver colour and a modern outlook. Xshuai Haier Retro Velocity is an automatic solution that has a number of benefits such as the removable grinding filter.


  • Modern Outlook – If you are looking for a modern looking coffee grinder brewer combo, we invite you to have a look to the Xshuai Haier Retro Velocity model. It is really attractive and interestingly it can fit not only any modern kitchen but also the traditional ones as well. You can bring this model to your office as well.
  • User-friendly solution – The ON and OFF mode can be easily understood thanks to the light notification. With this model, you can select to directly brew your coffee ground or grind it prior to brewing. The manufacturers have been highly focused on delivering an easy to use coffee grinder brewer combo that won’t demand any user experience level.
  • Cleaning easiness – First of all we need to emphasize that this model is coming with all the necessary accessories.
    • Permanent filter
    • Coffee bean spoon
    • Cleaning Brush.

The unit is constructed with a number of detachable parts that allow you to easily remove and clean them. Once that cleaning is done, all you need to do is let them naturally dry and attach back to the unit. The plastic material used for the construction of the parts is BPA free.


  • There were not identified any cons related to the usage of this unit.


This model is generally accepted as an outstanding performer. It is possessing all the good qualities and features for the best coffee grinder brewer combo.

3. Grind & Brew All in One Review

Ingenuity & Senhs is presenting one of the series of the Bariours. It is coming in a read attractive color. The unit is an easily portable device that makes delicious coffee and grinds properly. The device is designed with a 260ml coffee mug that can go along with you during traveling events.


  • Combo Greatness – The box includes:
    • Coffee beans container
    • 130ml kettle
    • Manual coffee grinder
    • 260ml thermal mug

It means that you will be able to enjoy your favorite drink anywhere you are and anytime you need.

  • Adjustable solution – the Grind & Brew All in One model is equipped with ceramic burrs that can be easily regulated to provide the desired ground coarseness.
  • Transparent design – In order for you to check the grinding process, the unit is coming in a transparent grinding storage design.
  • User feasibility – This model is offering a great user experience. The stainless steel filter is removable and this feature facilitates the cleaning process. In order to ensure a hassle – free experience, the unit is designed with a beans blocker solution that stops beans from getting out. Further on, thanks to the ergonomic shape and the lightweight the unit can be easily carried with.
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  • Manually powered – The only downside of this model relies on the fact that it is not an electrically operated machine, instead it can be powered only through manual operation.


In case you are looking for a portable coffee grinder brewer combo and at the same time you are more than willing to manually operate it, this is the perfect model for you. It is highly efficient and easily portable.

4. Russell Hobbs RH-239403 Review

We are now describing the Russell Hobs model. The RH-239403 is a coffee grinder brewer combo. The machine operates at 220V. It can be considered a high – tech solution as it is equipped with an LCD display and a number of other interesting features that add more value to the grinding & brewing experience.


  • LCD Display – You can select and monitor everything via the LCD display solution in the front of the unit. In case the unit has been on warming mode for 2 hours, it will automatically shut down.
  • 9 levels of grinding – You can choose the grinding level as per the type of coffee you are going to brew. There are 9 levels from the coarsest to the finest coffee grinding.
  • Permanent Filter – You won’t need to spend additional money for replaceable filters. All you need to do is remove the permanent filter, clean it and attach back to the unit. Apart from the permanent filter, the box also contains a cleaning brush and a spoon.
  • Coffee type regulator – This unit allows you to select the type of coffee you prefer. You can choose between:
    • Mild
    • Medium
    • Strong


  • Complexity – The device can sound complex to those users who are at their very first steps in regards to the home coffee brewing & grinding.


If you are looking for a highly programmable solution that offers a wide range of choices in terms of grounding levels, cup size and coffee type, we strongly recommend this model to you.

Decision moment!

User – friendly approach, cleaning easiness and an attractive design seem to be all that a coffee grinder brewer combo user is looking for. We could identify all the three components in the Xshuai Haier Retro Velocity model.

Thanks to the interesting design, the model fits any type of kitchen or even office furniture. There seem to be no complications while using this device. Thus, it can be easily operated by anyone, regardless of their experience.

The unit is equipped with all the tools and has the right construction that allows the users to easily clean it.