BPA Free Coffee Maker

1. Aicok Coffee Maker

If the Moccamaster is like an Audi or BMW, the Aicok is like a Ford Fiesta or Kia Rio. It is a very compact 5-cup instant coffee pot maker with some user-friendly features. Besides being easy on the pocket, it also claims to be 100% BPA free. This is despite the fact that the machine has a lot of plastic components, unlike the Moccamaster which is almost all metal. But since Aicok has both ETL and FDA certification, so you can rest assured on that front.

The device is very compact and should fit into even the smallest kitchen areas. It can even be used as a traveling coffee maker, as it is snug enough to fit into your luggage. The all-black exterior also looks very stylish, in combination with the solid glass carafe.

As for the actual coffee brewing process. Aicok has kept everything simple and straightforward. The machine has a single switch operation, with the same I/O button to start and stop the brewing process. The water reservoir has a very convenient window with measurements, allowing you to brew just the right amount of coffee every time.

The carafe has a hot plate underneath it to keep the coffee warm for an hour. And the drip system is smart enough to prevent any leaks when the carafe is removed. But since it is a small device, filling the right amount of coffee grounds can be a challenge. And since it is a low-end device, you only get the most basic coffee making features.


  • FDA and ETL certified BPA free device.
  • Simple one button operation.
  • Very compact, can even be used as a traveling companion.
  • Solid glass carafe with a hot plate.
  • Creates a pot of coffee relatively fast and easy.
  • Very inexpensive option for college/small apartments.
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  • No advanced features.
  • Filling the coffee grounds is not the easiest task.
  • Made from cheap and flimsy materials.



2. Zell French Press Coffee Maker

The second BPA free french press coffee maker on our list comes with the added advantage of a freebie. Zell offers a free electric milk frother along with this coffee maker. This combination allows you to have your favorite beverage with some lovely frothing foam on top.

The main advantage of this machine is its glass construction. The press is made mainly from sturdy borosilicate glass, with a stainless steel frame for structural strength and durability. The only plastic bit on this machine is the handle, and even that has been certified BPA free.

The capacity is another highlight of the Zell, coffee maker. This is a large machine, capable of doling out nearly 34 ounces, or 8 cups of freshly brewed coffee at a go. The strainer system is all durable metal and does a fine job of extracting the brew without allowing coffee grounds to get into your cup.

As for the cons, we have a lot of issues with the frother. Sure, you shouldn’t really look a gift horse in the mouth, but if you plan to buy this machine to take advantage of the freebie, then think again. The frother is cheap and gets busted pretty quick. The press is also rather hard to clean, due to the way it is designed.


  • BPA free machine made from borosilicate glass and stainless steel.
  • Comes with free milk frother.
  • Can brew 8 cups in one sitting.
  • Extremely affordable and value for money.
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  • Free frother is prone to malfunctions.
  • The press is not easy to clean.
  • Glass is not the thickest, can break with use.



3. Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The fifth and final contestant is running for the title for the best BPA free coffee maker is a different type of beast altogether. The Takeya machine uses a patented design to create 1 quart or four servings of cold brewed coffee. All other machines on our list use the usual hot brewing process.

Cold brewing process has some advantages. It brings out an altogether different taste in your coffee, as the grounds are not roasted or burned. This can result in a brew that is less acidic or bitter. The brew from this Takeya coffee maker can be used for making both hot and cold coffee.

The entire body of the device is made from Tritan. It is a new breed of durable plastic made without BPA. It can safely withstand both extremes of temperature. The machine is also easy to maintain and clean, as it is dishwasher safe.

The main disadvantage of this machine is the sheer amount of time it takes to cold brew coffee. You will have to plan in advance, keeping your coffee grinds in this device for up to 36 hours, refrigerated. But as a saving grace, once brewed the coffee concentrate will last for over a week in the fridge.


  • An innovative form of brewing coffee that tastes less bitter.
  • Made from Tritan, a high-quality BPA free plastic.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Also available in a larger 2-quart size.
  • A unique and affordable alternative to traditional brewing machines.
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  • Cold brewing is a very time-consuming process.
  • Lid design needs to be better.
  • Finer grounds will seep through the filter.