ROK Espresso Reviews Of 2018 & Buying Guide

We have considered ROK Espresso solutions to be part of our reviews for the simple reason that it is providing exclusively hand – operated espresso makers.

The products released from this company are excellent ones in terms of user experience and also espresso shot flavor. ROK Espresso has been founded in 2002.

When the company launched its first product in the market it was known as Presso, later on, it changed the name to ROK, which is how it is actually being recognized. During this period of time, ROK has developed its products without changing its scope – espresso makers hand managed and powered.

In order for you to understand the quality of these products, we have picked up some of them and will provide a detailed overview for each of them after the Buyers’ Guide section.

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Buyer's Guide!

1. What are the key quality standards of ROK espresso makers?

Durable materials:
Rok coffee espresso makers are made of alloy mixture which ensures durability for many years to come.

Traditional way of brewing espresso:
All of us know that time is restricting our possibilities. Anyways, when it comes to enjoying an espresso shot, we want it to be a joyful experience and allow it the necessary time. ROK has no power button and no electricity necessity. All you need is practice your interaction with the unit and brew your own espresso with your own hands.

Additional taste:
Thanks to the milk frother associating the ROK espresso makers, you can add to the espresso milk foam and achieve the great taste of a café latte.

Are there any special techniques to consider when brewing espresso with ROK?

Just like with any other machine that is hand operated, the first thing you have to consider in order to get the most from it is -experimenting as much as possible. The more experiments you do the better you will master the machine.

2. Other elements you need to consider are as per below explained:

Coffee beans freshness – The ROK espresso maker is manual, thus it will deliver the quality you input, without any alteration to taste or flavors. In order to have a wonderful espresso shot, make sure you are using only fresh coffee beans. If you grind the coffee beans yourself it would be far better.

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Water quality

Sometimes we fall into certain naïve mistakes. For instance, instead of using freshly boiled water, we tend to re-boil it. In this case, all water properties will be lost and this will be impacting the espresso flavor.

Coffee ground

 In case you are using pre – ground coffee, make sure you are buying espresso type coffee ground. If you are grinding it yourself, pay attention to the level of grinding. It shouldn’t be excessively coarse because there will be no water – coffee interaction, but it shouldn’t be excessively fine as well as it will make it hard for you to put pressure on it.

Smart tamping

We suggest you tamp the coffee grounds in few steps. Put a small quantity and tamp it, then add another quantity and tamp it again. Do this process until the basket is full and properly tamped. The tamping process is a real concern as it will define how much water and coffee will interact in order to extract full flavors from the coffee ground.


You really need to practice on the pressure you should create. In case you put too much pressure, you might risk burning the coffee. We recommend to put pressure little by little in order to avoid incidents and compromise the coffee flavor.

3. How should I clean the ROK espresso?

It is very easy to clean the ROK espresso maker. All you need to do is detach the portafilter and remove the coffee ground mixture. The portafilter is detached by a circular movement to the right.

Once the coffee ground is removed you can continue with rinsing the leftovers. You can also use recommended cleaning solutions, but you should never clean it in a dishwashing machine.

4. What if I need to perform a deeper cleaning of the unit?

Of course, you can. At the moment you have removed the portafilter you need to turn the device down – head. Check carefully the rubber diaphragm and press it. Once it is press it will become loose and detachable from the unit.

This part can be cleaned with the recommended cleaning products and rinsed in abundant water. While the diaphragm is drying, you can also carefully clean the internal parts of the unit. Make sure to re – attach the diaphragm before using the unit.

ROK Presso Manual

5. Which is the maximum bar pressure that can be achieved?

As already emphasized several times, ROK espresso maker is fully manually operated, thus the bar pressure is exclusively related to your arm pressure. The mean average reported is in the interval from 5 – 10 bar.

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6. Does ROK provide product guarantee terms?

Definitively yes! ROK is providing a 10 – year guarantee cover for all the espresso makers’ metal parts. All you need to do in case one of these parts occurs any damage is take a picture of it and email to the ROK customer care accompanied with the purchase document.

7. Can I use the ROK espresso maker to heat water?

The ROK Espresso is designed exclusively to brew espresso. Thus, you need to heat water using other means at home.

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8. What is the right grind that should be used in a ROK Espresso?

As already treated in other sections, the right coffee grind is the espresso type. Not excessively coarse nor fine.

9. What types of coffee brands do I have to use with the ROK Espresso?

ROK espresso accepts all types of coffee brands. You do not need to worry about the brand name at all. Just have a look on the ground type that should match the espresso one.

ROK Espresso Reviews

1.  ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker Review

ROK Presso Manual

The first product selected from the ROK Espresso is the ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker. We are talking about a hand operated coffee maker that is designed in order to match any individual who longs to enjoy home – made espresso.

Great solution for any individual who loves to spend qualitative time in order to achieve a perfect espresso shot. The unit is strong and compact. Although it cannot be washed in a dishwasher, it is easily cleaned manually.


  • Durable metal frame – This ROK espresso model is highly durable thanks to its polished metal construction that grants to the unit supremacy towards environmental conditions or kitchen incidents.
  • Energy efficient – Once you pick up this ROK espresso maker you will be providing your home with an energy – efficient coffee maker. The ROK espresso is manually operated, thus you can brew your espresso shot anywhere, indoor and outdoor.
  • Stability – ROK espresso manufacturers have considered stability as a really important element. The downside of the unit is equipped with 4 legs that are made of rubber. The main purpose of these legs is to prevent slipping incidents and create stability during hand powering of the unit.
  • 10 – years guarantee terms – All the metallic parts of the unit are covered by a 10 – years guarantee term. ROK is fully reliable on the materials used for the construction of this appliance, thus it is sealing it with this long – term guarantee.
  • Splitter spout – The unit comes with a splitter spout that enables you to brew once for two. You can enjoy an espresso shot together with your friend with no additional efforts.
  • Simple operations – All you need to do in order to enjoy brewing experience with the ROK Presso espresso maker is add water in the tank, coffee ground to the basket and elevate the arms.
  • Milk Frother – The milk frother is an additional accessory that allows you to froth milk for the café latte and cappuccino foam.


  • Not dishwashing machine safe – The parts of this model cannot be washed in a dishwasher because the polishing might be damaged. Only the frother is dishwashing safe.
  • Spare parts – You cannot easily find spare parts in the market. Since ROK is fully covering metal parts for a period of 10 years, you need to report it and wait until the part is delivered to you via shipping.



This is another ROK outstanding performed. The ROKMAKERRED Presso Manual Espresso Maker is coming at the right dimensions for your home brewing necessity. Apart the excellent performance in terms of brewing this model is also full of attractiveness. It’s berry outlook will be adding more colors to your kitchen and bright up the surroundings. No doubts, your friends will be attracted by this new addition to your kitchen appliances set.

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When you want to purchase a hand – operated espresso machine all your focus is oriented towards the brewing quality. This model is not only providing you with an outstanding delivery, but it is also adding style and colors to your kitchen/ office. You can use this model with any type of coffee ground and any time of the day, regardless of where you are.


  • “Best Stuff of 2012” – This model has been announced as best espresso maker during 2012 by the GQ magazine. Considering its traditional design and operational aspects it is yet one of the great performers out there in 2017.
  • Environmentally friendly – All the materials used for the construction of this unit are highly durable, thus decomposition is not an option for many years to come. Another environmental friendly aspect is the fact that the machine is not operated through electricity, but exclusively through hand power.
  • Total control – You can fully control the pressure you use during brewing thanks to the side arms of the espresso maker.
  • Free choices – This ROK model is brewing any type of ground coffee. Thanks to this feature, you won’t need to stress up to about the selection of pods and/ or capsules.


  • There were not identified any cons related to this model.

Decision moment!

It is, by all means, a very difficult decision. You can always feel reluctant when you have to pick up one from two or more excellent products. This is also the case when you need to select the better of two outstanding ROK espresso maker models.

We have paid careful attention to the individuals who have been using these models and their feedback. We have also considered the elements treated in the Buyers Guide related to the ROK models. All the features are great, but for some value added features we are choosing the ROKMAKERRED Presso Manual Espresso Maker as the best choice.

This model can deliberately be defined as a fantastic one! It is feasible thanks to its ergonomic shape. With daily practice, you can become one with this machine. The unit is coming in a box where you can find all the necessary accessories for a brewing experience.

Needless to say that, by being a fully operated machine, you won’t need any electric outlet for your device to be powered. All you need is your coffee wish and hand operation.

Another additional element that distinguishes the given model from other ROK espresso makers is its berry color. Your kitchen will enjoy the brightness provided from the unit.

Because of its traditional outlook and function, this model can also be a great gift for anyone who loves coffee brewing.