Best Pour Over Coffee Maker Of 2018 & Buying Guide

We have been treating a number of brewing techniques that have developed thanks to the technological advancements happening so far. But, on the other hand, it comes the necessity, once in a while, to go back to the basics.

There are a number of coffee lovers out there who prefer to brew coffee just like in the very beginnings of this practice. Pour over coffee is one of the basic methods humans have applied in order to brew the delicious drink.

Pour over brewing method aims to supply the coffee grounds with fresh water continuously. Because of this process coffee is brewed faster, but there is one and only downside that might happen – fresh water extracts mainly from the coffee ground layer, rather than from the whole coffee bean.

In order for you to understand the principles of pour over coffee, we have prepared a Buyers’ Guide which covers almost all the relevant topics. Once you have acquired all the necessary information on the process, you will have the opportunity to select one of the best pours over coffee makers that have been included in our review.

Buyers Guide!

1. What is the pour over coffee process?

The process roughly includes three main stages:

  1. Wetting – It is the process involving hot water being poured over the coffee grounds in order to make them wet.
  2. Dissolution – It is the process happening once the hot water has been fully wetting the coffee grounds and the flavours are dissolving. During the dissolution phase also the unwanted chemicals are being dissolved, but they are requiring more time than the desired once. Thus, you need to pay attention to when to stop the brewing stage.
  3. Diffusion – Is the process that involves transporting of the dissolved aromas and extracts from the coffee grounds to the pot or coffee container we are using.

Each of these stages has its own relevance and dependency from the other.

2. What are the main components of a pour over coffee maker?

  • Filter – Filter purpose is to place the coffee ground during the water pouring process.
  • Filter holder – It might be encountered also as “Pour over dripper”.

3. How much coffee ground should be placed in the filter holder?

This is another important element. As a matter of fact, the quantity you place in the filter holder is a determining element in the final delivery of your pour over coffee.

In case you place more than necessary, during the water pouring you will risk overflowing. Meanwhile, if you place less than expected, you will compromise the taste and the thickness of your pour over coffee.

Best advice, for the time being, is filling 2/3 of the filter holder with the coffee ground.

4. How much time does it take to prepare a pour over coffee?

Depending on the type of the pour over coffee maker and the type of coffee roasting the necessary time is variable.

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Lets’ assume that you have already purchased one coffee makers in the market and you brewing light roasted coffee – in this case, the necessary time might go up to 4 minutes.

In the event that you are brewing dark roasted coffee, it will require 1 minute less. The time expressed in the given case indicates the moments after water adding has stopped.

5. Are there any special considerations to be taken into account when brewing coffee with the pour over technique?

Just like any other manual operation, the pour over coffee method will require practice and frequent corrections. In the event that you are a beginner user, it might happen that the coffee can result too weak in taste, or it might also taste strong.

These elements do indicate inappropriate levels of grinding. Water temperature is another element that impacts the pour over method results.

Once you start practising and learning from the process, you will get the necessary expertise to brew delicious coffee drinks thanks to the best pour over coffee maker you are using.

6. Are pour over coffee makers easy to be cleaned?

Pour over coffee makers are manually powered appliances. This means that there are no electrical mechanisms incorporated. Most of the models are provided with detachable parts that allow you to easily clean and wash them thoroughly. There are models that are marked as dishwasher safe as well.

It is important to emphasize that the parts that make a pour over coffee maker are:

  • Pot
  • Filter and filter holder

Thus, clear enough to guess, that this type of coffee maker is easy to be cleaned.


Review Time!

1. Bodum Coffee Maker Review

The Bodum Coffee Maker is a black colored model that comes as one of the best pour over coffee makers. It has a storage container up to 34 oz. This model is provided with a permanent filter that can be easily cleaned whenever necessary.


  • Stainless steel filter – In order for the coffee lovers to enjoy the full flavors of a cup of pour over coffee, Bodum has built the filter in stainless steel construction in order not to compromise the taste.
  • Borosilicate glass – Coffee container is another important element in regards to coffee flavors storage. In the given case the coffee carafe is made of a highly durable glass version and shaped in an attractive design.
  • Size efficiency – You can use the Bodum model to enjoy coffee time with your friends and familiars. This model brews up to eight cups of coffee.
  • Cleaning easiness – Yes! This model is marked as dishwasher proof.


  • Filter size – Users have reported that the size of the filter is small. Because of this element, it might be necessary to pour the water slowly.


This Bodum model is a really easy and user – friendly pour over coffee maker. All you need to do is fill the filter with ground coffee and add water slowly following a rounded pattern. Once you are done, you can easily wash it in the dishwasher. Hassle free experience.

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2. Osaka, Pour Over Coffee Brewer Review

Lets’ have a look at the Osaka solution for pour over coffee maker. This is no doubts an attractive unit with a very nice carafe made of glass. The vendors have designed t in order to be practical for the user. Thanks to the handle it can be easily transported from one place to another.


  • Double layer filter – The filter is made of stainless steel in order to protect the flavors of the coffee grounds being released. Additionally, this filter is a double layered one that ensures that none of the coffee particles is dripping in your cup of coffee.
  • 360 degree of excellence – Osaka has taken care to deliver an outstanding experience to all of its users. Thus, its focus has been to take care of every detail of the unit:
    • Double-layered filter
    • Glass carafe
    • Built-in handle
    • Cork lid
    • 600ml capacity
  • After sales services – Osaka is ensuring a strong connection with their customers! Thanks to their online support they will be providing full assistance for any of your questions or events related to the Osaka pour over coffee maker.


  • Fragile pot – The water carafe is made of hand – blown glass, thus it is highly attractive, but the only downside of it is that it is fragile and needs careful attention during cleaning process
  • Not dishwasher safe – The unit has to be carefully hand washed.


In case you are not worried about hand cleaning your coffee maker, the Osaka model is a great opportunity for you to achieve and taste the excellent flavors of the pour over coffee. It is designed with a handle in order to facilitate transporting events.

3. Pour Over Drip Coffee Kettle & Teakettles Review

The next pour over coffee maker is a kettle. It is made of 18/8 stainless steel material and it is designed with a built – in handle for easy grip. The kettle is also designed with a long spout in order to ensure the right pressure for the water.


  • Thermometer included – As we slightly mentioned in the beginning, water temperature is important when using the pour over method. Because of this, the box included thermometer will be handy in order to achieve and maintain the right water temperature.
  • Compatible solution – You can use the pour over kettle with any heating source including but not limited to the below mentioned.
    • Halogen
    • Gas
    • Infrared heat
    • Electric units
    • Stovetop
  • It has been marked safe with any of the above-mentioned heat providers.
  • 1-year warranty – Creative Lifestyles protects your coffee maker with a 1-year warranty.


  • Instruction paper not included in the box – The only downside reported for this model is that the box is not including the instruction paper, thus users need to find their own way for operating the appliance.


This particular kettle version of the pour over coffee maker enables the users to easily practice the pour over brewing experience at home.

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4. Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

The Coffee Gator model is a 3 – cup standard pour over coffee maker. There are many advantages found in using this unit. You can achieve the right flow of water following the related instructions and taste all the flavors of your pour over coffee.


  • Brighter taste – The adaptability of this unit to the excellence of the pour over brewing techniques allows anyone to enjoy all the flavors extracted from the coffee grounds.
  • Easy to clean – The unit is really easy to be cleaned and it can be also washed through a dishwasher if the instructions are followed accordingly.
  • Elegant design – You can place your Coffee Gator unit anywhere! Thanks to its transparent and sparkling design it will brighten up the place.


  • Thin carafe glass – The glass used for the carafe is marked as thin, thus, you need to be careful and follow the instructions as per the paper.


The Coffee Gator is a great example of combining style and function. You can enjoy your pour over coffee brewing experience and easily clean the device once done. The included thermometer will help you achieve and maintain temperature level.

5. Comfify Pour over Coffee Maker Review

Here we are at the end of our review with another excellent pour over coffee maker. The Comfify model is made of borosilicate glass Carafe. It is also coming with a re – usable stainless steel filter in order which guarantees no flavors escape.


  • Smart solution – The stainless steel filter holder gives the opportunity to the user to control:
    • Taste
    • Strength
    • Temperature
    • Water ratio
  • Artisan design – The design of the unit is artisan like. Elements such as the wood band and the leather tie act as eye – catching instruments besides their fundamental functions.
  • Microfilter technology – This solution guarantees the users that there will not be any coffee grinds in the cup of coffee, only aroma and flavors extract.


  • There haven’t been identified any cons related to this model.


It looks like the Comfify coffee maker model is representing all the necessary aspects that make a pour over coffee maker an excellent one. Full control on your coffee elements, artisan design and microfilter technology – is evoking a great combination.

Decision time!

When we decided to choose the best of the selected pour over coffee makers, part of our review, we wanted to be sure that this model would be traditional (just as a pour over brewing method is) and smart (as any of us would appreciate) at the same time. We believe we did make the right choice by calling the Comfify Pour over Coffee Maker as the winner of this round!

This model is designed with an artisan outlook, which combined with the excellent brewing functions make it a perfect traditional pour over coffee maker. On the other hand, the smart filter holder and the microfilter technology applied are granting to the users a whole new level of friendly – user experience.