Best portable espresso maker Of 2018 & Buying Guide

When we discuss over coffee we are discussing over taste, flavor and a beverage that once you start consuming you can hardly stop. Coffee is consumed almost all over the world, every single day.

People consume coffee at home, at the office, on the way to somewhere and during outdoor activities. There are a lot of ways on how to make coffee during outdoor activities such as a picnic or camping. Many of us prepare the favorite espresso at home and take it away with a compact container, but we are aware that flavor is almost completely gone.

Thus, in order to fulfill our taste even during outdoor activities, we are going to provide the best portable espresso maker review. We are convinced that once you choose the right one, coffee flavor will be in your hands.

Buyer's Guide!

1. What are the most important elements that make e portable espresso a great one?

When you think about purchasing a portable espresso maker you are thinking of taking – away solutions. Thus, you need to focus on the appropriate size that fits your luggage or bag, something that won’t be too space demanding. By saying so, we are deducting that size is important when you pick up a portable espresso maker.

Similarly to size, weight is another important element. When camping you are taking with you too many things, foods, cooking appliances and other necessary stuff. Although you might use a car for transportation issues, you will still have to carry them on your shoulders at a given point. Thus, the light – weighted your portable espresso maker is, the better for your transporting issues.

Cleaning easiness:
Cleaning might become a reason for troubles when you are engaged in outdoor activities. Because of this, you always need to pay attention to the cleaning easiness when you are buying a portable appliance, an espresso maker in the given case. Make sure to pick up one that can be easily cleaned up with plain water.

2. Where to find hot water when you are outdoors?

When you are outdoors and you have your portable espresso maker with you, it naturally comes the necessity to find a solution for hot water. In fact, it cannot be that difficult. You can use your barbeque to boil water in a cattle, you can have an insulated water bottle from home, or you can even ask from the restaurant, fast – food next to you.

There are a lot of options that can be considered when looking for hot water, but there is only one for enjoying the flavour of a fresh cup of espresso – the best portable espresso maker.

Best portable espresso maker Reviews

1. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker Review

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

The MiniPresso GR is an interesting espresso maker. It seems as it possesses all the good qualities the best portable espresso maker should. It has intuitive operations and is manually powered, thus you will not need power outlets. The MiniPresso GR is also coming with a very attractive design.

This is a very efficient espresso maker. It can deliver your espresso shot very fast even though it is manually operated. The MiniPresso GR has also an attractive design, thus you can proudly show it to anyone.


  • Quick – The MiniPresso GR has been designed to provide a very fast espresso delivery. Through its intuitive mechanism, it takes advantage of every single instance during the espresso preparation flow.
  • Compact design – The manufacturer has designed this espresso maker by taking into consideration the outdoor experience.
  • Manually handled – The equipment is manually operated with no efforts, thanks to the ergonomic design.


  • The number of shots – This model is restricted in the number of shots it can deliver at a time. You can have only 1/ 1.5.
  • Cleaning up – The nose of this model cannot be detached, thus cleaning might become a challenge.

2. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker Review

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker Review

Here we are with an American espresso and coffee maker which has been designed for portable purposes. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker has been designed having in mind the busy society routine (although USA do not seem to be on the top 10 consumers list)  and the need to rely on an espresso shot even during morning travel to work.

The Aeropress model is coming as a choice to anyone who likes technological complex units that are able to provide a tasteful espresso shot in the shortest time possible. It is not only an espresso maker but it can make plain coffee as well.


  • Pure taste – The Aeropress solution brings an outstanding filtering mechanism in order to provide the smoothest espresso ever.
  • Flavor – The smart air pressure function allows the AeroPress to produce low – acid espresso. This process also prevents the coffee from achieving bitter taste.
  • Fast solution – You can have your cup of espresso in just one minute.
  • Multiple solutions – You can make espresso and coffee with just one equipment.


  • Messy – Because of the technological findings applied in this espresso maker, it might become messy at certain times. There are several parts that need to be attached to the unit in order to brew and press the espresso.

3. Barsetto Portable Espresso Coffee Machine Review

Barsetto Portable Espresso Coffee Machine

It is now time to review the Barsetto model. It is again a manually operated device that offers an excellent solution for anyone who loves to enjoy an outdoor espresso. It has many advantages that might fit any types of individual need.

Tripresso is an inspiring model that can add more value to your camping luggage. It is fast and efficient at all aspects. You have no need to rely on batteries or power supply, all you need is the Tripresso, hot water and coffee source (capsule or powder). You will not feel any additional weight in your luggage since this unit is very light – weighted.


  • User – friendly experience – All you need is hot water and coffee capsule/ powder and you are all set. You can enjoy your espresso anytime.
  • Multi – functions – You can prepare your best espresso by using coffee powder or coffee capsules. Both these methods can perfectly be inserted in your Barsetto espresso maker.
  • Take away solution – This model possesses both of the most important characteristics of the best portable espresso maker. It is light – weighted and has a compact design as well.
  • Design – The given Barsetto model, Tripresso, has been inspired by the Pizza Tower in Italy, thus its outlook can deliberately be defined as an outstanding one.


  • There haven’t been identified any cons from customer feedback related to the given model.

4.  Handpresso Wild Hybrid Review

Handpresso Wild Hybrid

This is the ultimate solution provided in regards to the portable espresso makers. The Wild Hybrid, as per the name suggests, is ready for any outdoor challenge. You can bring it with you anywhere and grant yourself the flavor of a fresh espresso shot, regardless of your location and time.

The only downside evidenced for this model is water temperature at the delivery time. Unless you are addicted to hot coffee, this is a great choice when considering the best portable espresso maker. It is elegant, it offers variety in terms of coffee formats and the pump power is really high.


  • Pump power – The given model pumps are going beyond any expectancy. They are able to produce up to 232 PSI. Almost twice the necessary PSI needed for producing espresso.
  • Elegant – The Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker is offered with a 50 millimeters water reservoir.
  • Variety – With the Wild Hybrid model you can use the pre – loaded E. S. E pods, or you can rely on the espresso grounds. Both of these alternatives perfectly fit your Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker.
  • Colour choice – If you have had no previous choice in terms of color selection, now, with the Wild Hybrid, you can choose between Black color and Silves one.
  • Warranty – The Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker is being provided with a 2 – years warranty term.


  • Temperature – It has been noticed and reported that once the unit is about to deliver the espresso beverage, the water is not hot.

5. Minipresso NS, compatible with Nespresso brand capsules Review

Minipresso NS, compatible with Nespresso brand capsules

Nespresso is bringing to our attention its portable pick – up. It is an interesting portable espresso maker that is equipped with a 70 ml water container and a pump pressure of 116 PSI. Its shape, size and weight allow it to be included in any type of camping or traveling backpack.

In case you love the Nespresso coffee then this is the right choice for you. The portable Minipresso NS model is compatible with any coffee format provided from this brand. It is fast and efficient, as well attractive and compact.


  • Single shot – In case you love having your coffee during short trips to work, but your countertop espresso maker was not suitable for this, now with the single shot solution provided by the Minipresso NS you are free to enjoy it anytime.
  • No mess – The design has enabled a fast and clean espresso preparation. You will not need to stress up over cleaning demands.


  • Washing – One of the downsides of this model is its difficulty level during the washing process
  • Compatibility issue – The Minipresso NS espresso maker is compatible only with the Nespresso ground beans or capsules.

Decision moment!

It was a great list of possible best espresso coffee makers. We have noticed that there were only few downsides to this models. They were almost perfect in terms of delivering quality and unit functions. They were also outstanding in terms of design, meaning that almost all of them are light in weight and compact in size in order to be easily carried as take away solutions.

When we consider portability, these are the most relevant features we want from the device. In order to pick up the best of them, we run into a deep analysis that would enable us to draw the right decision.

As we said in the very beginning, weight, size and easy cleaning are the most important elements behind a portable espresso maker. Based on these 3 benchmarks we picked up the Barsetto model – Tripesso.

The given espresso maker is really light in weight and it has been designed with a compact design that allows it to fit any place with no difficulties. It offers a really user – friendly experience in terms of usage and cleaning as well. You can brew your fresh espresso anywhere, hassle – free. You can also show off your choice in terms of attractiveness and uniqueness as well. The Tripesso has been conceptualized based on the Italian Pizza Tower which is well – known because of its architecture.

Tripesso Espresso maker has made it simple for any coffee lover. You can use coffee powder or coffee capsules, the final delivery will be outstanding regardless of the espresso coffee format you are using.

Last, but not the least, Barsetto has been paying attention to the healthy aspect as well. The Tripesso model has been FDA approved because of the outstanding materials used for its construction and because it is operating without batteries and without power energy. You can bring the unit anywhere with you. All you need is your espresso capsule or powder, hot water and you can brew your best espresso ever. No need to mind over stressfully long journeys – your beloved beverage and source of energy will be there for you.