Best Paleo Coffee Creamer Of 2018 & Buying Guide

We have evaluated the importance given to the Paleo Diet from a large number of individuals. Those who are strictly respecting the diet are always demanding coffee products or additions that are accepted by the Paleo basics. It might become difficult for any of you to understand which is the right Paleo element to be introduced into your diet without compromising its success.

For instance, when we talk about coffee creamer, we immediately think about cow milk as the traditional and common source of milk. But, Paleo Diet does not include diary aliments in the allowance list. Thus, in order for any “Paleo” folk who wants to enjoy a tasteful coffee creamer, we are going to provide the Buyers Guide with all the necessary information about Paleo Diet and the best Paleo coffee creamers that are presented in our Review.

Buyer's Guide!

1. What is the Paleo Diet?

Have you ever heard about the Paleo​​​​ Diet?

It has a world – wide popularity and it is highly appreciated by those individuals who are more and more focusing on a healthy eating regime.

Paleo concept is based on eating only those aliments that have been consumed during the Paleolithic era. The theory is based on the fact that Paleolithic era generation has been consuming only fresh products that are not chemically or industrially processed.

Part of this diet you can find fruits, vegetables whilst diary aliments, pasta, sugars and cereals are fully excluded. Meat on the other side is allowed but in certain cooking methods. Walter Voegtlin and Loren Cordain are the main contributors to this concept.

2. What are the expected benefits of the Paleo Diet that motivate individuals to strictly follow it?

The Paleo Diet is believed to provide a number of positive impacts on the general health and body conditions. Cholesterol levels are expected to be normalized, blood circulation highly improved and leaking gut syndrome almost vanished.

By improving these three major elements, you are supposed to run a healthy regime which also improves your daily routine in terms of anxiety and stress management.

By eating only fresh products (not – processed food), your body will be supplied with higher levels of oxygen. Appropriate levels of oxygen purify the organism and improve brain functions.

3. Are there any disadvantages identified when using the Paleo Diet?

Unfortunately, nowadays vegetables and fruits are not being grown exactly as they used to be during the Paleolithic era. Because of this, there might happen certain deficiencies in terms of vital elements such as:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Folate
  • Magnesium

4. What about not– alimentary elements?

The main focus of the Paleo Diet is to avoid all types of chemicals that our modern era has imposed on us and the food we are consuming.

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Paleo diet aims to say “No” to:

  • Antibiotics
  • Pesticides
  • All types of chemicals

5. Does the Paleo coffee creamer exist?

As previously mentioned, when we speak about milk, we instinctively think of dairy milk. But, as a matter of fact, there are other sources from which milk can be derived.

For instance, Paleo Diet includes coconut milk in its allowance list. Yes! You can enjoy Paleo coffee creamers as long as they are deriving from not – dairy sources like coconut.

6. What if I like sweetened coffee creamer?

There is a solution even in this case! Sugar is produced from maple syrup or coconut as well.

Both of these sugar sources are accepted by the Paleo Diet. Thus, you can perfectly add these sweeteners to your coconut coffee creamer.

7. Which are the main special considerations when looking for a Paleo coffee creamer?

We have continually specified that Paleo Diet does not accept dairy based milk, but it is important to emphasize the fact that there are even certain types of milk (although not – dairy).

These types of milk are as per below mentioned:

  • Soy milk
  • Rice milk
  • Oat milk
  • Condensed milk

Best Paleo Coffee Creamer Reviews

1.Pure Indian Foods – Coffee++ Paleo Butter Coffee Creamer

Pure Indian Foods – Coffee++ Paleo Butter

Here we are with the first Paleo coffee creamer selected to be part of our review. The product is being offered by Pure Indian Foods and it has a number of benefits associated, apart its Paleo approved nature.

For those individuals who are looking for a natural approach in adding coffee creamer safely to the Paleo diet, this is considered a perfect choice. Coffee++ has all the necessary elements to be accepted from the Paleo diet. It is almost gluten free and lactose – free. Coffee++ can also be applied to other drinks such as tea or even broth.


  • Grass – fed ghee – The Pure Indian Foods brand is bringing to your attention a combination of MCT oil and grass – fed ghee. In simple words, it is the solution representing a natural Paleo coffee creamer
  • Less Paleo prohibited elements than ever – Yes! You can enjoy your coffee creamer without being concerned on the anti – Paleo elements.
  • Multi – purpose approach – In case you are looking for a Paleo creamer that you can use for other drinks as well, the Coffee++ is a perfect choice.
  • Caffeine free – The composition of Coffee++ is totally free of caffeine.


  • There have been no Cons identified during the usage of this product. The only limitation you can encounter is related to possible budget restrictions.

2. Veda – Paleo Coffee Creamer

Veda – Paleo Coffee Creamer

It is now time for Veda to offer one of the most attractive and tasteful Paleo Coffee Creamer. This product is made from natural sources and is containing a number of healthy elements that supplement your body with energy and vitality.

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If you are searching around for a hand – made ghee product which is able to grant you not only the healthy approach of a Paleo accepted element, but also the taste and flavours of a great cup of coffee, we are here to suggest you the Veda ghee based Paleo Coffee Creamer that can also be used for other purposes as well.


  • Healthy and Organic – This product is made without being chemically processed and it is including only organic elements which provide the human body with a set of vitamins and other healthy ingredients
  • No sugar and no carbs – Regardless of whether you are strictly following the Paleo Diet or not, as long as you wish to maintain a low carbs diet, the Veda solution is a great option.
  • Handcraft product – The ghee which is the basis of this product is fully handcrafted by the best and notable American artisans. No industrial elaboration.
  • Taste and flavor – We know that coffee is important to anyone as it represents a joyful daily routine. Thus, we are offering this Paleo coffee creamer as a healthy approach that ensures an outstanding taste and flavor for any coffee lover.
  • All – in – one – approach – This product is a great option not only as a coffee creamer but as a cooking oil and milk fat as well.


  • Just like any other artisanal product, the Veda solution might sound highly demanding in terms of budget restrictions.

3. Coconut Cream – LC Foods

Coconut Cream – LC Foods

The third product enlisted in our Review is coming as an LC Foods approach. We are talking about a coconut cream that is also diabetic friendly. This cream can be perfectly added to your coffee and it will add more taste and flavor to it.

LC foods are well – known for its initiatives to produce and deliver outstanding products. Its main purpose is focusing on low carbs mixtures that motivate a healthier eating regime. The given coffee creamer is one of the products parts of this gamma. You can safely go with it whenever you are about to follow the Paleo diet.


  • Non – GMO coconut milk – There are no thickeners, water or gums mixed with this product. It is fully natural and it is coming in a low carbs pack.
  • Coffee or tea creamer – You can add this cream as a top on tea as well. In case you want to go further, you can also try numbers or recipes including chocolate pudding as well.
  • Overall protection – Thanks to the coconut milk, your body will enjoy additional protection from different infections.


  • No sugar – In case you like a sweetened coffee creamer you can add coconut sugar and the taste will be delicious.

4. Native Forest Organic Premium Coconut Cream

Native Forest Organic Premium

Last but not the least, the fourth product of our list is coming from Native Forest Organic Company. The proposed solution involves an unsweetened coconut cream that is offered in the market in a pack of twelve. Just like any other product offered by the company, it is organic and motivating a healthy lifestyle in terms of eating.

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The vendors of this product have made sure to add as many attractive elements as there are healthy ones. This coconut Paleo coffee creamer can be used as a delicious cake or puddings top as well.


  • Certified coconut cream – Kosher certification is adding more value to this coffee creamer although the product is as well confirmed from the “Non-GMO project”.
  • 100% health safe approach – HACCP certification of the facility where the product is being produced is a further element that ensures consumers on its reliability.
  • Enrich your combinations – You can use this Paleo creamer not only for coffee, tea and other drinks but also for topping.


  • Quantity – From user feedback, it has been derived that the quantity provided in the can is not within their expectations.

Decision moment!

As you might have probably noticed during the Review of the selected Paleo Coffee Creamers, all of them are almost equally exceptional in what their offer to the end consumer. Their common approach is to satisfy consumers’ needs in terms of healthy eating habits and taste as well. The top picks of our review have shown to be outstanding ones. Consumer feedback and general information provided on them are great indeed.

Anyways, we still need to make a choice and differentiate the best of the bests! During our decision – making process, considerations of Paleo Diet have been taken into account. What are Paleo fundamentals?

The food has to be free of:

  • Gluten
  • GMOs
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Artificial flavors

The product which perfectly suits Paleo demands in our case is the Veda – Paleo Coffee Creamer. This product is offering a mouthful and tasteful organic coffee cream that thanks to the coconut milk adds protective barriers in the body – fights against infections.

Veda – Paleo Coffee Creamer is a handcrafted product, not related at all with industrial processes. There are no sugar or carbs associated with this composition. In case you will need to add sugars, you might consider the coconut sugar as a healthy option.

There are a number of beneficial acids and vitamins found in this Paleo creamer.

  • MCTs
  • Vitamins A, D, E
  • Vitamin K
  • Essential fatty acids – Omega 3 and 9
  • Butyric acid
  • Phenolic antioxidants

Because of all these characteristics, we strongly recommend the Veda coffee creamer when running on the Paleo Diet.