Best Keurig Coffee Maker Of 2018 & Buying Guide

There are a number of great companies that are manufacturing coffee related appliances – coffee brewers, coffee grinders, combo solutions and other tools. We have decided to dedicate time and efforts in order to provide you with the necessary information over these outstanding brands.

It is now time to evaluate Keurig coffee maker models. Keurig is famous for bringing to its customer’s undisputable great performing coffee makers, espresso machines and other coffee processors. We have elaborated surveys in the market and selected a number (five) of best Keurig coffee makers for allowing you to select the most suitable based on your needs.

In order for you to understand what’s behind the Keurig success stories, we have also created the Keurig Review section.

Buyer's Guide!

1. Keurig company mission

Keurig mission is “Building Strong Supply Chains – One Community at a Time”. From this statement, we have concluded that this company mission is to connect the world by means of the coffee lovers. But, there is also another key element upon which the company has found its success.

Keurig management has decided to collaborate with many coffee farmers and support them with the necessary means and tools for facilitating the coffee processes. This support has been provided by means of the Keurig local supply chain.

By being close to their coffee farmers, these quality ambassadors are always there to make sure that no internal or external environmental factor is negatively impacting the coffee farming.

2. What are Keurig resources?

Keurig is operating in the coffee market for many years. During this long period of time that have to widen their resources a lot. Only during last year, they have purchased large quantities of green coffee.

After the basic resource – coffee – another Keurig resource is the supply chain. Thanks to this living mechanism situated in many countries Keurig could win the trust of millions of coffee lovers that have enjoyed the tasteful, flavorful coffee cups during their daily routine.

It seems the Keurig has devoted itself to approaching and making part of its network an increasing number of individuals all around the world. The company has already engaged under its umbrella around 415,000 individuals who are contributing with their human resources and efforts to make the brand exceed its expectations in terms of wide – spreading.

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3. Keurig blog

Another smart application from Keurig professionals is the Keurig Blog.

All the existing consumers and potential ones can get together and exchange information or ideas on how to improve their Keurig user experience.

Part of this blog is also Keurig professionals who are always there to support the interested individuals with the right hints on how to use the Keurig coffee related machines and how to take care of them in the right ways.

Keurig K250 Single Serve

Keurig K250 Single Serve

4. How often should the Keurig coffee maker be descaled?

Keurig K155 Office Pro

Keurig K155 Office Pro

Most of the latest Keurig models are programmed to notify you whenever descaling is necessary. However, it is important to suggest few general recommendations on the descaling frequency.

Descaling is strongly related to the water content and quality. The highest the level of minerals the highest is the need for frequent descaling. In order to minimize this necessity we usually recommend the users to brew coffee using bottled water or filtered one.

Usually, once in 3 – 6 months is the general rule. If you follow this routine the unit will not be prone of calcium scale walls building. When the scales start to invade the internals of your coffee maker coffee flavor will be compromised and also the unit will not properly function. Scale creation is also a risk factor for your own health and the appliance “health” as well.

Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig K575 is the first model we have decided to include in the Review of the 5 best Keurig coffee makers. It is coming with an 80 oz container and a platinum color. Inside the box, you will find a water filter handler and also two filters. These filters will contribute to a finer coffee flavor. The Keurig K575 is also being accompanied with 6 K-Cup pods ready for any coffee lover.

Keurig K575 is a wonderful, highly efficient coffee maker. It is offering programmable solutions that will enhance your morning routine. The unit is able to brew different cup sizes to fit any customer demand. The water tank is large, thus you can use the model even for office purposes or respond to big family needs.


  • Removable 80oz water tank – This model is designed with a removable water tank that accommodates up to 80oz. Thanks to this generous accommodating ability your Keurig K575 will facilitate your mornings by allowing you to brew more than 10 cups without the necessity to replenish.
  • Your personalized night light – If you enjoy enlightening your nights, Keurig K575 might become your lighting solution. Select the color your love and bright up your room.
  • Choose your favorite size – You can select different cups’ sizes between 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 oz. If you purchase the compatible carafe, the unit is able to brew carafe coffee up to 22, 26, or 30oz.
  • Control your coffee strength – Thanks to the settings you can brew lighter or darker coffee cups.
  • Hot water supply – You can have hot water anytime you need by just pushing the “Hot water” button.
  • User feasibility – The unit is designed with an easy – to – use control panel and it also includes a number of programmable settings such as presenting automatic turn on or off.


  • Cleaning complexity – This model is reported to have only one disadvantage. Since it is a technologically advanced unit, you have to detach a number of elements from the main part for cleaning purposes.

2. Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker Reivew

Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

The next Keurig model on our list is the black version of Keurig 55. Like most of the Keurig model, the box includes set of accessories to improve your coffee tasting experience. The unit is offered with an interesting and attractive design.

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Keurig K55 is equipped with a number of settings that offer to any coffee lover the necessary simplicity to overcome any amount of workload. The unit is also energy efficient thanks to the automatic shut off option.


  • Energy efficient – Saving energy is a challenge for anyone living in the modern society. The Keurig K55 model provides you with the opportunity to save energy whenever brewing coffee. If the unit has been inactive for 2 hours, it will automatically shut off.
  • Descaling option – Descaling is usually conceptualized as a manual process. But, with Keurig K55 you are able to enjoy an almost hands – off descaling experience. Videos are provided in order for you to easily manage this process.
  • Generous water tank – Keurig knows that coffee has been meant to be shared with friends and familiars. Based on this they have built their models with large water tanks. The Keurig K55 model has a 48 oz. capacity water tank.


  • Fragile in regards to water quality – The only downside of this unit is the fact that it is very demanding in terms of water quality. It can get frequently clogged if the water is not properly filtered.

3. Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Maker Review

Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Maker

The given model is a single – serve option that comes as a great opportunity for anyone living on her/ his own who does not need more than 1 cup of coffee to be brewed at a time. The unit is coming with Prestee 36 Capsule Drawer.

This is a full pack solution. With one shot you get the high performer Keurig single server and Bonus K-Cups altogether.


  • Removable drip tray – Hassle free routine thanks to the removable drip tray that can be easily detached and separately cleaned after coffee serving.
  • Pod drawer – This Keurig model is coming together with a 6 compartment pod drawer that enhances your organizing requirements. Free of mess kitchen/ office.


  • No cons have been identified related to the usage of this model.

4. Keurig K250 Single Serve Review

Keurig K250 Single Serve

Keurig K250 is another outstanding single serve model. It looks like Keurig has been focused on every detail when they designed this model. It is being offered with a very attractive turquoise color and a slim shape that will demand only a little space on your kitchen countertop.

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Pick up Keurig K250 model if you are looking for a single serve model that offers programmable solutions and easy – to – operate options. You have to choose Keurig if your coffee maker has to be placed in a visible place. Thanks to its elegant and attractive design it will add fashion to the surroundings.


  • Splendid outlook – All of us are aware that the cup of coffee flavors and thickness are the top priorities of a great coffee maker, but, what if we add glamor to this formula? A shiny and elegant coffee maker to be added to the series of kitchen appliances!
  • Control your coffee strength – Let yourself choose the coffee strength that meets your taste.
  • Simple operations – When you start using the Keurig K250 model, you understand what simplicity really means. You can enjoy a set of easy to operate functions


  • Noise – Existing users have expressed their satisfaction in regards to the Keurig K250 model, but they have also mentioned one disadvantage. It is being reported noise production during brewing time.

5. Keurig K155 Office Pro Single Cup Commercial Review

Keurig K155 Office Pro

Here we are with the last product on our reviewed list. This is a commercial unit which is mostly recommended for office purposes. The unit is coming in a silver color to match with the most usual office style. Keurig K155 offers a wide gamma of benefits.

If you are looking for a commercial solution for a small coffee store, family business or small office, this model is the right choice. Easily transportable it requires only little storing space. You can put it almost anywhere over a stable basement.


  • Styled to impress, this Keurig coffee maker offers the features that everyone will value.
  • Easy store – If you will have to frequently transport your coffee maker then you will need to frequently remove water from the reservoir. Keurig K155 model allows you to drain and remove it really easily.
  • Pour – over water tank – As it is a commercial solution this unit can hold up to 90oz. of liquid. Thanks to this size it can serve even 18 cups without having to replenish.


  • Smell – Most probably because of the commercial construction, or just because of being new, the unit is reported to release a light plastic smell.

Decision moment!

Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker which by chance happens to be the first model on our Review list is considered to be the best performer.

This unit possesses the most important characteristics that define a coffee maker as an outstanding one.

  • Efficiency
  • Programmable solutions
  • High storage capacity
  • User feasibility
  • Strength control
  • Size selection