Best Hand crank coffee grinder Of 2018 & Buying Guide

It is indisputable that when we start thinking about hand crank coffee grinder option, most of the audience will question – Why choosing a hand crank coffee grinder when you can go for the electronic one?

Fair enough! We are struggling amidst hours and days, always in a rush to finish what left undone. Yet, there are lots of good and healthy reasons why one should choose a hand coffee grinder instead of an electric one.

Almost all of these reasons, at least the most important ones, will be covered in the Buyers’ Guide we have prepared for you. Based on the Buyers’ Guide findings we have also selected the top list and described them in the Review section

Buyer's Guide!

1. Does the hand-crank coffee grinder have a better consistency than the electric one?

A hand crank coffee grinder might be slow and take more time than an electric one, but the coffee will be perfectly ground once the process will be over.

Unlike the case of the electric coffee grinder, with the hand crank one, you can even feel the grinding level as you will be in close contact with the grinder. You will understand the pressure you need to put in during the process.

2. Are hand-crank coffee grinders cheaper or more expensive in comparison to the electric ones?

This is a good question. All you need to do in order to effortlessly get the question is – compare different products of these models in terms of pricing. It is clear enough that the hand crank coffee grinder is definitively cheaper than the electric one. Anyways, we can elaborate this further.

It is true that you can find in the market electric grinders offered at low prices, closely comparable to the hand crank ones. But, as a matter of fact, the quality they will be delivering is discussable. In order for an electric grinder to be considered a good and reliable one, it should be above 100.

Meanwhile, if you consider buying a hand crank coffee grinder, you will certainly spend far less of your budget and still achieve an amazing grinding result.

3. Can you operate a hand-crank coffee grinder wherever you are?

This is the most obvious differentiation you can make when comparing these two models. The electric hand crank coffee grinder requires an electric power outlet in order to be operated, thus you will not be able to use it if you are camping or engaged in any other outdoor activity.

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On the other hand, you can take and exploit your hand crank coffee grinder anywhere you go. These units are usually smaller and lighter and they also have no necessity at all for an electric power outlet. All you need is hand power and you will be able to enjoy fresh coffee regardless of being outdoors.

4. Are the hand-crank coffee grinders noisy appliances?

Do not worry at all! Hand crank coffee grinders are producing almost no noise while being operated. This is another main reason why people are choosing this type instead of the electric one. Coffee is usually a morning routine, but not everyone is an early bird. Thus, thanks to the hand crank, you can grind your coffee without disturbing your familiars’ morning sleep.

From a number of tests performed over this comparison, it has been evidenced that the hand crank coffee grinder is definitively quieter than the electric one that needs engine workout to be operated.

5. Is it easy to clean the hand-crank coffee grinder?

Have you had cleaned an electric equipment? Have you ever felt that uncontrolled fear of damaging the electric units installed on your device?

We bet you did. We can deliberately assure you that cleaning a hand crank coffee grinder is easier than cleaning an electric one. There are no cords, no engines, and no wire to be protected. You can clean and thoroughly wash your coffee grinder.

All you need to make sure in the given case is that it is properly dried before using it again after cleaning.

6. Is the hand crank grinding process difficult to be handled?

Not at all! All you need to do is manually rotate the crank until the whole mass has been fully ground.

As previously mentioned, hand crank coffee grinder might take more time than the electric one for the final delivery, but this time will for sure be an enjoyable one. You can compare it to mending or reading a book. Your mind will be focused only on the grinding process, thus free of stress and negative thoughts.

Even your eyes will benefit as you will not have the chance to check your smartphone every second for at least 10 – 15 minutes.

Best Hand crank coffee grinder Reviews

1. Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill (100g) Review

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill (100g)

The Skerton is the first model we are bringing into your attention as far as the hand crank coffee grinders are concerned. It is a really attractive model that supports any type of grinding experience. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert in the area, the Skerton we are proposing will offer a professional like grinding.

If you are not a heavy coffee grinding user, but yet you love to enjoy fresh coffee whenever you wish to, this is the appropriate model. It is easy to be carried thanks to its light weight and construction.


  • Small and lightweight – In case you are looking for the right hand operated grinder to take with you in the next camping event, this is the one. Its elegant shape and dimensions, combined with the very light weight allow you to bring the model anywhere with no efforts at all.
  • Easy to use – You won’t need practice in order to achieve perfect grinding results. The Skerton model has been designed keeping in mind user feasibility.
  • Cleaning easiness – Cleaning Hario Skerton Ceramic will be pretty easy. You can deliberately wash it through with abundant water (following the instructions).


  • Loosened handle – The only downside reported in regards to this model is related to loosening handle. The unit requires frequent tightening.

2. Gourmia GCG9310 Review

Gourmia GCG9310

Next model is a Gourmia one. The GCG9310 model is made of an artisanal hand crank coffee mill. Although it is a hand crank coffee grinder it is offering grind settings. It is a traditional model designed with a catch drawer.

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Gourmia GCG9310 is a traditional type hand crank coffee grinder. Because of its vintage design, you will enjoy the re-embrace of childhood memories and the fresh flavor of coffee at the mean time.


  • Traditional vintage design – If you want to add some traditional outlook to your kitchen and enjoy excellent coffee grinding, this is the right pick for you. This model is also great for grinding herbs and nuts.
  • Grinding settings – Yes! You can set your own coffee grinding mode. Choose between extra fines to coarse grinding depending on the coffee type you prefer.
  • Easy catch – If you were thinking about the chores you have to deal after the grinding is over, now you won’t need anymore. Thanks to the catch drawer, all the ground content will be collected in one dedicated compartment.


  • Size – The disadvantage evidenced in regards to this model is related to the size of the coffee container. Users report that it is rather small and you need to refill it several times.

3. Zingy Portable Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Zingy Portable Manual Coffee Grinder

Zingy portable model is another interesting option coming at your attention when looking for a hand crank coffee grinder. It has a number of benefits that contribute to the values of this model.

The Zingy Portable Manual Coffee Grinder is a rich solution for any individual who is looking for a portable solution with the aim of enjoying fresh coffee anywhere. It is fully accessorized and designed for easy and safe handling. You can choose between different grinding modes.


  • Anti – slippery silicone – Thanks to the anti – slippery silicone your hand handled unit will be safely manageable in your hands without risking slipping incidents.
  • Multiple choices – This unit is provided with an adjustable burr(made of ceramic) that allows you to grind the most preferred types of coffee.
  • Fully accessorized – The vendors are offering this unit with the most relevant accessories that enable you to easily grind your coffee and more.


  • Instructions – There couldn’t be identified any downsides related to the usage of this model. The only reported element as a possible disadvantage is that the instructions are not clearly provided.

4. Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder Review

Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder

Here we are with another interesting hand crank coffee grinder. This model is offered by Hunt Brothers. These coffee lovers have closely studied users demands on how the best coffee flavors can be achieved. They applied their knowledge on this top selected manually operated coffee grinder.

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We already mentioned that the Hunt Brothers are real coffee lovers, thus they have acquired full expertise in the coffee grinding units. The model picked up from their gamma is really great in terms of multiple grinding choices and easy handling and transportation.


  • 18 variants of grinding – You can achieve 18 different coffee grindings that allow you to brew all types of coffee styles. You can start with the pour over to the French Press, continue with the Aeropress to the Chemex.
  • Ergonomic design – The Hunt Brothers must have performed a number of case studies prior to designing this specific model. The hand crank coffee grinder is designed in a fully ergonomic shape in order for you to enjoy the grinding experience.
  • Easy transportation – The unit is coming with an environmentally safe bag that allows you to easily carry it with you.


  • Plastic connector – This model is made of durable materials, but it has been reported that within the grinding mechanism there is a plastic connector prone to breaking incidents.

5. Ease – hold Manual Coffee Grinders

​ Review

5. Ease – hold Manual Coffee Grinders

The last model of our top 5 list of hand crank coffee grinders is a great solution when you are looking for a highly compatible solution. You can select your favorite grinding type and enjoy the best fresh espresso shot or coffee cup.

Adaptability and stability are the key components of this model. In case you have been looking for these two features, this model is the right choice for you. The hand crank is highly durable and no slippery effect will be encountered thanks to the rubbery base construction.


  • Adaptability – This model of hand crank coffee grinder can be adapted to many other coffee makers.
  • Stability – Many hands operated coffee grinders are lacking hand crank stability. This is not the case with the given model because the hand crank is made of stainless steel material and attached with a reliable screw.
  • Detachable glass container – You can detach the transparent container from the unit in order for you to take your fresh coffee with you.
  • Rubber base – Do not overstress because of slipping phenomena. This model is provided with a rubber base that ensures stability during the grinding process.


  • Tough opening/ closing – The only downside evidenced from customer feedback is that when you need to open or close the unit, you need to put extra efforts.

Decision moment!

What are you looking for in a hand crank coffee grinder is already mentioned in the Buyers Guide! Which is the answer to your demands is here – Zingy Portable Manual Coffee Grinder!

This unit offers multiple choices in terms of grinding variants enabling you to enjoy below coffee types, but without being limited to:

  • Espresso
  • Latte
  • Frappe
  • Turkish coffee
  • French press

Also, thanks to the listed value added features, your user experience will be highly facilitated:

  • Storage Bag – For easy transportation
  • Measuring Spoon – No more mistakes
  • Cleaning Brush – Compatible solution tailored for your hand cranked coffee grinder