Best French Press Coffee Maker Of 2018 & Buying Guide

When it comes to coffee, we have to emphasize the need to differentiate between different types of coffee brewing methods. In the given article, we will make our best to provide information on the French press coffee and the necessary consideration you have to know when looking for the best French press. The origin of the French press is associated with A. Calimani. This Italian designer created and register French press coffee brewing appliance in 1929.

The cafeteria is another name with which French press is recognized. This brewing method is mainly applied from those coffee lovers who enjoy “wild” coffee taste, not so much elaboration is necessary.

We have gathered and worked on some of the most interesting questions regarding the French press coffee makers. Thus, we suggest you consult our Buyers’ guide for further information on these appliances. Further on, you can rely on our best French press coffee makers reviews in order to understand which the right model is for you. We assure quality selection, you pick up your tailored solution!

Buyer's Guide!

1. What is the French press coffee brewing method?

As previously mentioned, this method does not require too many efforts and/ or elaboration.

What you need in order to French press brew your coffee is add coffee in the appliance and then add water into it. Push the plunger and the work is done.

Zestkit French Press Coffee Tea Makers

Zestkit French Press Coffee Tea Makers

2.What is the right water temperature for a tasteful French press coffee?

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press Maker

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press Maker

The traditional French press coffee experience expects users to add hot water in the French press coffee maker. The generally accepted temperature range is between 92 – 96 °C. This is the temperature that has resulted adequate for quickly and properly interacting with the coffee grounds.

Anyways, we need to mention that there have been developed even newer versions of the French press coffee like cold method, for instance.

3. What is the adequate water/coffee ground amount proportion when brewing with the French press coffee method?

As a matter of fact, the proportion of these two and only components becomes essential in the case of the French press final delivery.

Coffee lovers need to make sure that the right amount of water is being added accordingly to a number of coffee grounds. The proportion that is considered as appropriate is that of 20 g of coffee ground in 320 ml of hot water. This combination provides a compact coffee delivery.

Kitchen Supreme

Kitchen Supreme

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4. What type of coffee ground is best with the French press method?

FreshTek Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Espresso Maker

FreshTek Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Espresso Maker

French press is mostly succeeding with a coarse grind.

Mainly because if we would use a fine grind the coffee grounds would find a way to escape during the meshing process.

Meanwhile, the coarse grinds cannot get lost and they are better trapped in the plunge. This ensures the protection of flavors and coffee compactness.

5. What about the brewing time? Is there any defined rule?

As already mentioned, traditional French press coffee brewing is achieved with hot water. If this is the case then it will take around 3 – 4 minutes of time to taste the best French press cup of coffee.

Anyways, there are still individuals who prefer to allocate up to 15 minutes of time to their French press for a fuller and wilder taste.

In the case of cold – brewing water and coffee grounds should be in contact with each – other for longer periods (hours).

Utopia Kitchen – French Coffee Press

Utopia Kitchen – French Coffee Press

6. What are the types of French press coffee makers?

First of all, it is really important to mention that the French press coffee maker is more practical and ergonomic than other types of coffee makers. They are generally lighter in weight and thanks to this feature they are heavily picked up from travel lovers who are willing to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee during their traveling experiences.

Some of the types we can differentiate are as per below mentioned.

  • Travel mug
  • Stainless steel
  • Insulated presses
  • “Pull” type

Best French Press Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Kitchen Supreme – French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Review

Kitchen Supreme

The first model included in our best French press coffee maker reviews is coming from “Kitchen Supreme”. It is a bundled solution providing excellent French press coffee and tea as well. This model is a 34 oz one and it is constructed by a combination of stainless steel and double glass.

If you are looking for a durable and reliable French press coffee maker that is able to provide you even other types of drinks, the “Kitchen Supreme” model is the perfect choice for you. All you will be asked to is press and enjoy. Once the tasting experience is fully achieved, all you need is hand – wash the unit.


  • Attractive design – The glass and stainless steel combination grant to this model an outstanding design that allows it to be placed anywhere. This model is also coming with a number of value added elements such as the stainless steel spoon and also four filter screens.
  • Compact and durable construction – Stainless steel material assures the user that the brewing experience will be a reliable one. You won’t stress over coffee maker damages or even temperature loss thanks to the highly sealed mechanism used. This unit is free of plastic, which is adding more value to it in regards to health approach.
  • Multi – purpose solution – This type of French press coffee maker is not only brewing coffee, but it is also a great solution for preparing: Tea, Frothed milk, Hot chocolate and more
  • After sales care and protection – “Kitchen Supreme” is guaranteeing to its customer’s full support and after sales protection.


  • Not dish – washer safe – The only downside of this model is that is not marked as dishwasher safe.

2. FreshTek Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Espresso Maker Review

FreshTek Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Espresso Maker

FreshTek has caught our attention with its model. It is again a stainless steel constructed French press coffee maker which is coming with a polishing cloth for a sparkling and attractive outfit. Together with the unit, there is a spoon as well. The FreshTek solution is coming in a silver design to fit both traditional and modern designs.

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The FreshTek is an attractive solution for the coffee lovers who are looking for an indestructible appliance that will ensure them that flavor is fully protected and extraction is completed.


  • Wonderful taste – The “FreshTek” solution is granting to the coffee lovers a strong and tasteful cup of coffee. Thanks to its sealed construction no flavors will ever escape. You can use any brand of coffee ground.
  • Reliable design – Chances are you will not need to replace the unit for many years to come. The reliable design of this unit makes it almost indifferent to any kitchen related challenge.
  • Temperature protection – The unit is coming with a double insulation. Thanks to this characteristics you will be able to have your cup of coffee up to 60 minutes after the brewing time.
  • Choose your favorite color – FreshTek is offering this unit in 3 different colors. Think of your home décor and pick up the right color for you.


  • Colour faint – The unit is considered to be resistant to the most challenging situations, but, there is a con in relation to the color. Users have reported that it faints after long periods of usage.

3. Zestkit French Press Coffee Tea Makers Review

Zestkit French Press Coffee Tea Makers

Here we are with a 1 Litre French press coffee maker which can also provide great tea as well. This solution is coming at your disposal from Zestkit producers. The unit is produced in two colors (silver/black). Both of them are modern and fit to any type of kitchen design.

The Zestkit model is a generous solution that provides you with the opportunity to satisfy all your familiars or colleagues with a wonderful cup of French press coffee. Thanks to the dishwasher – proof nature you will not have to worry about hand – washing necessity.


  • 1 Liter French press coffee maker approach – Isn’t it interesting? With the Zestkit French Press coffee maker you are not fulfilling only your coffee demands but your familiars’ or office colleagues as well. You can use this coffee brewer during friends’ gatherings or even traveling events when coffee is the best companion.
  • Multi – layer filtration mechanism – In case you want to ensure a cup of coffee with no residue resting on the bottom of your cup, Zestkit is able to offer you this. Thanks to the four layers filtration mechanism you will be granted a tasteful French press cup of coffee, but no ground left behind.
  • Cleaning simplicity – If you are that kind of user who favors the dishwasher rather than hand – washing, this is the best French press coffee maker for you. All the parts of this unit can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Reliable solution – The materials used for the construction of this unit are highly resistant.


  • No cons – During our product review there were not identified any cons related to this product.

4. Utopia Kitchen – French Coffee Press Review

Utopia Kitchen – French Coffee Press

Utopia Kitchen is the next provider offering a double wall insulation solution. The French press coffee maker is also great for tea. The unit is made of 100% stainless steel material which ensures a long way to go and temperature protection.

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Make sure to consider the Utopia Kitchen French press coffee maker before making your choice. This is a good solution when in case you are looking for a commercial purpose solution that comes on a reasonable budget.


  • 100% steel guarantee – The manufacturers of this model have taken care to provide an outstanding unit that represents resistance to environmental phenomena and kitchen incidents.
  • Easily dismantled – The unit parts can be easily detached from it in order to facilitate the washing/ cleaning process. You can wash them safely in a dishwashing machine.


  • Filtering system – From user feedback, it has been identified that ground particles might escape through the filtering system to the coffee liquid in the cup.

5. SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press Maker Review

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press Maker

SterlingPro model has been left as the last review mainly because of its particular design that allows it to be a great option for the right gift you can order for any coffee lover.

SterlingPro French press coffee maker fits any customer demand. It can be great for individual purpose or office ones. You can pick it up to wrap as a gift for one of your dearests who loves to enjoy fresh and strong coffee flavors.


  • Stylish design – The design of this unit is really interesting. It provides an attractive solution to anyone who wants to make a gift to a friend or familiar for his/ her birthday, marriage or any other event.
  • Excellent taste – The stainless steel construction provides an uncompromised coffee taste as it is in now ways interacting with the coffee flavors.
  • Double walls – In order for you to be able to touch the unit and the unit to keep its internal temperature the longest possible, double walls solution is provided.


  • Noise – The only disadvantage reported in relation this unit is a slight noise being delivered during plunging.

Decision moment!

This is the time! It is hard to pick up one of the best French press coffee makers on which our review is based on. They are all great performers! But, there is almost always one that results to be exceeding customer expectations.

In our case, the exceeded is – Zestkit French Press Coffee Tea Makers. It looks like what coffee lovers are expecting from the best French press coffee maker is the generous size, cleaning simplicity, filtering mechanism and reliable construction.

The selected model possesses all these qualities. It holds up to 1 liter of coffee and it is filtering it through a four layers filtering mechanism. As far as washing easiness, all the parts of this unit can be washed in a dishwashing machine.

The unit is constructed with borosilicate glass and a stainless steel material that enables long – lasting resistance.