Best Espresso Tamper Of 2018 & Buying Guide

The purpose of a tamper is to compress the coffee ground into the espresso machine basket. The more compressed the mass becomes, the more you will enjoy coffee taste and flavor.

It is very important to know that tampers, although seemingly alike to each other, have some characteristics that differentiate them.

With the aim to provide the necessary information on this product, we selected a number of reasonable questions that might come into your mind prior to buying a tamper.

As usual, we also selected the top 5 products to be included in the best espresso tamper review. Right before, you really need to have a look at the Buyers’ Guide in order to understand the features of a good espresso machine tamper.

Buyers’ Guide!

1. Is tamping impacting the espresso shot?

Definitively it is! Even more than what you imagine. When you usually put the coffee ground in the espresso machine basket, if you do not put enough pressure in it, it will remain loose.

Once the water will be passing through the basket it will find a lot of free routes to pass through without having to do with the coffee ground at all. This means that your espresso shot will be watery and not full of flavor.

Meanwhile, if you put enough pressure in the coffee ground located in the basket, water won’t be able to find an escape before first dealing with the coffee ground.

Thanks to this interaction the most of the flavor and taste will be extracted into your espresso shot. Thus, tamping (pressuring) the espresso coffee bean is really determining the final delivery.

2. What are the key elements to consider when buying a tamper?

There are a lot of elements you might take into account when buying a new tamper. Anyways, we will be listing the most important ones, those that are able to impact the quality of tamping.

  • Ergonomics – Our physical structure is not the same. Our hands and force released are not the same as well. Because of this, you need to pay attention to the ergonomic element when you buy a tamper. Make sure you pick up an ergonomic model that fits different hand shapes.

As we are in the ergonomics area, make sure to consider weight as well. You need to practice with your tamper in order to understand which the right weight for your hands is.

  • Adaptability – Make sure you are buying a universal model that is able to fit almost any type of basket contours.
  • Construction and Materials – This product will be highly interacting with your hand and your coffee ground. Because of this, you need to make sure you are buying a tamper made of healthy safe materials (Stainless Steel, etc.) and constructed in rounded shapes (with no edges or sharp contours that might risk your hands).
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3. Are there different types of tampers? How can I know which is the right one for me?

From the market research, we have run, we got to the conclusion that there are at least four types of tampers out there. Each of them is offering a different approach to the tamping experience.

  • Dual – Head – This type has an uneven appearance with two flat sides that have different sizes. This type of tamper is usually chosen by those individuals who have different baskets at home/ office.
  • Handle type – This type is coming with a knob on the top side and a convex or flat downside.  The materials used for the construction of the upper side of this type of tamper might vary one from another. This type of tamper is usually picked up when you prefer to put too much pressure on your coffee ground.
  • Weight – calibrated type – This is the next handle type level. You can select a tamper based on the force it can exercise over the coffee ground. These types of tampers are offered at different weights.
  • Puck type – This is the fourth type which has a more rounded shape – looks more like a ball.

We also need to mention that there are certain espresso machines that are being offered with a built – in tamper. Thus, in case you are an entry level in terms of home brewing, before buying a tamper, make sure your espresso machine does not have it. You can check online for differences between types of tampers.


Review time!

1. RSVP Terry’s Tamper for Espresso

The first model of our list is a dual – head type. It has a great solution in case you are buying a tamper for an office with more than one basket type.


  • Construction material – This tamper is made of heavy cast alloy. It is considered to be highly durable and does not interact with food.
  • 2 sizes – You can use this dual – headed tamper for different sizes of baskets. Thanks to its dual nature it can provide tamping in the dimensions of 2-Inch and 2-1/4-Inch.
  • Easy cleaning – The shape and the construction material allow the user to easily clean the unit after usage.


  • Not dishwasher safe – The only downside of this model is that it cannot be washed through a dishwashing machine.


In case you need multiple solutions, going for this model would be a wise choice. The RSVP Terry’s Tamper has been conceptualized from expert professionals that guarantee a great tamping experiences.

2. Benicci Espresso Coffee Tamper

The Benicci solution is a handled tamper type. It has a convex base design in 58 mm. This product is made of stainless steel material in order to ensure long durability and hand feasibility in terms of management.

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  • Durability – This tamper is produced as one whole body. It is not produced in parts that are further attached to one another. Thus, additionally to the stainless steel construction, this provides more strength with the tamper.
  • After sales support – Benicci will be always there to support you with your temper. Meanwhile, in case, by any chance you won’t enjoy this model, you are free to return it within 60 days from the moment of purchase.
  • Rust free solution – Thanks to the stainless steel construction and the production as a whole unit, you will never risk facing rust incidents with your tamper.
  • All – inclusive – The Benicci tamper is designed in order to match the most well – known and preferred espresso machines out there:
    • Quickmill
    • Rancilio
    • Pasquini
    • Gaggia
    • Breville BES900XL
    • Giotto/Cellini
    • ECM Botticelli


  • Convex grade – The only downside reported from the users is that the bottom of this model is not that convex, instead, it has a flat tendency.


The Benicci espresso machine tamper is suitable to any user who has to brew coffee with different espresso machines. It is a great solution for any barman as well as it is highly durable and practical to be handled.

3. Flexzion Coffee Tamper Machine

It is now time to present a flat bottom handled tamper type. Its diameter is 58mm and it is made of pure stainless steel construction. The Flexzion Tamper hand grip is manufactured in high – quality wood to make it comfortable for the hand.


  • Handle the perfection – Thanks to the design applied in this model, any user level can easily handle and manage this tamper.
  • Flat base – The flat bottom ensures a properly and evenly distribution of pressure which minimizes hand efforts.


  • There haven’t been identified any cons during the usage of this tamper. User feedback is almost great.


When you look around for an effortless tamping experience made sure to check the Flexzion Coffee Tamper which thanks to the flat bottom allows an even distribution of pressure and compact coffee ground.

4. LuxHaus 51mm Calibrated

Here we are with the calibrated tamper. This is the type of tamper that allows you to use minimal efforts during the tamping process. As already mentioned in the Buyers’ Guide section, calibrated tampers come at different pressure forces. Make sure you read the description before you make your own choice.


  • Smart tamping experience – The calibrated Luxhaus tamper will offer a perfect and fully compact tamping of the coffee ground. Once your coffee ground is compacted, your espresso shot will deliver all the coffee flavor and aroma.
  • Consumer approach – The LuxHaus 49 mm diameter is conceptualized in order to match all the consumer espresso machines. Thus, feel free to change your office espresso machine, but make sure you are keeping LuxHaus tamper which will for sure fit the next one as well.
  • Life – time warranty – The vendor is fully relying on the strength and performance of this tamper. Based on this belief, the LuxHaus tamper is being provided with a life – time guarantee protection. You can ask support anytime and it will be promptly provided regardless of how much time has passed since the purchase day.
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  • Handle compactness – It has been reported that the handle might feel loose when tamping.
  • Necessary calibration – Since it is a calibrated tamper, it might need frequent calibration in order to provide compact tamping.


The LuxHause tamper is coming as an alternative to any home brewer who prefers a calibrated tamper. It is fitting almost any type of consumer espresso machines and it is highly durable thanks to the stainless steel construction. The only downsides reported are handled compactness and request for calibration in order to provide fully compact tamping.

5. Omgogo Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

Omgogo is a 51mm tamper. It is a mixture of stainless steel and wood construction. Stainless steel base is offering a healthy tamping approach, meanwhile, the wood knob offers a user – friendly experience in regards to hand control.


  • Natural Materials – The materials used for the production of this tamper model are fully natural. Thus, they are providing a healthy coffee ground tamping approach.
  • Ergonomic handle – The handle which is made of wood is designed with an ergonomic shape in order to grant user feasibility.
  • Artisan made – The specific characteristic of this model is that it is artisanal. Constructed by professional artisans who are experts in the area.


  • Rough edges – Users have reported that in some cases the edges of this model appear to be rough.


This is the best option for all those users who love to buy hand – made products and not mass – produced ones. This model is artisan made and it ensures an ergonomic handle and health safe approach thanks to the natural materials used for the production.

Decision time!

Here it comes the time to suggest the best model when reviewing the best espresso tampers as of today. We have carefully reviewed each of them and we also evaluated the existing users’ feedback and reports. We also made sure to check all the necessary characteristics that the best espresso tamper should have in order to be selected as the best one.

Considering the elements we covered in the Buyers Guide section, we came to the conclusion that our best model is the Flexzion coffee tamper. This model offers a perfect user experience thanks to the easy handling opportunity. This tamper can be used by any individual – regardless of his/ her tamping experience.

The tamper flat base allows you to tamp the coffee ground in the basket with fewer efforts. The pressure is evenly distributed in order to create a full compact coffee ground mass allowing no water escapes without interacting with coffee extracts.

Thus, in case what you want from your tamper is to extract coffee flavors in your espresso shot this is the most appropriate model to be picked up from the store. Remember that tamping is impacting the espresso shot!