Best espresso machine under $500 (Year 2018)

When you are thinking of buying an espresso machine, just like with any other product, first you consider the budget you can allow for this purpose. In case you have decided that your new kitchen appliance should not cost more than $500, be sure that you can purchase a great one with this budget.

Anyways, regardless of the budget, there are a few things you need consider before ever running into conclusions. Buying an espresso machine means allowing yourself the opportunity to taste a cup of coffee or macchiato at your home or office with your dearest or friends.

With the only aim of assisting you during the decision-making time, we have gathered few decisive questions and answered them in our buyer’s guide. Further on, we will be presenting to you the top selected espresso machines under $500 and their benefits, without leaving aside their downsides.

Buyer’s Guide!

1. What will you use your new espresso machine for? Does it have to be professional or is it enough to be a simple one?

If you are looking for an espresso machine for your kitchen and you are going to use it once in a while then a simply good one might be great for your purpose. Instead, if you are thinking about an espresso for your office and you expect to use it a lot, you will need to invest into something more professional that will ensure durability and reliability at the same time.

2. Can an espresso machine replace the grinder functions as well?

Grinding is a process that takes place before the brewing of the coffee. There are separate appliances that perform the grinding process, but nowadays we can find in the market combined devices as well. There are certain types of espressos who can first grind the coffee and then brew it. You can also choose to skip grinding in case the coffee beans are already grounded.

3. Does my budget compromise the product and its cleaning feasibility?

There is no definite answer to this question. When you are considering cleaning, all you need to take into consideration is how detachable your new device is. If its parts are fully detachable than cleaning will be easy, whilst if they are not, it might be difficult. When we consider cleaning we should be thinking about materials as well. If the device is built with resistant materials than you can wash and clean it without stressing up, whilst if the materials are fragile, you need to pay attention. These components are related to the cost of the appliance, but yet, no definite rule can be settled.

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4. Can I use my existing espresso machine accessories on the new one?

Usually, the espresso machines are being offered in the market with their own accessories. They are usually fitting one specific model. Unless you are buying the same model you already have, it might be difficult to adjust the existing espresso machine accessories to the newly selected one.

5. Is the best espresso machine under $500 considered energy saver?

All vendors are focused on producing home appliances that are able to save energy in terms of consumption. Thus, regardless of the budget, after a good research, you can always find in the market energy efficient equipment.


Review Time!

1. Breville BES840XL – Infuser Espresso Machine Reivew

Breville is now coming with an interesting proposition. Its BES840XL model has a solution for your grinding before brewing. Thanks to its pre – infusion (starting with a low water pressure) it can ensure a smooth extraction. Temperature is perfectly controlled by means of the thermocoil system (1600w solution). The appliance is accompanied by a full pack of accessories:

  • filter baskets
  • coffee scoop
  • stainless steel jug
  • cleaning tool


  • Pre – infusion
  • Thermocoil system for temperature management
  • Replaceable water filter that ensures crusts reduction
  • Magnetic tampering
  • Pressure gauge in order for you to check the pressure anytime.
  • Removable drip tray that shows you exactly the time it needs to be emptied and cleaned.


  • Poor design – The only downside of this model is that it hasn’t been given the right attention to the outlook. It looks more like a bar espresso machine, rather than a home or office one.


This appliance is considered to be great and has a professional outlook. It possesses all the features you might ask for from an espresso machine and it is coming with a full pack of accessories to make your brewing experience a nice one.

2. BES830XL Die – Cast Programmable Espresso Machine Review

With the BES830XL espresso machine, you are able to customize its settings as per your convenience. You can choose and switch between the manual, customer or automatic shot anytime. The appliance is coming with a 2. 2 – liter tank of water that can be easily removed for washing purposes. You can brew different types of coffee such as cappuccino, café latte and other varieties. The appliance is made of a combination of zinc and aluminum promising strength and reliability.


  • Fully customized through program selection
  • It is equipped with a gauge that controls pressure
  • Thermoblock system ensures your coffee taste will be fully preserved.
  • Generous water tank allowing you to brew a large number of cups of coffee without the necessity to full it continually.


  • Market restriction – The only disadvantage we could identify in this model is the fact that it cannot be operated outside the USA.


You can choose between numbers of settings in order to achieve the desired type of coffee. The thermocoil system will maintain and preserve the flavors whilst the gauge will maintain pressure at the right levels. The water tank size is considered really generous. Great option in case you have a big family.

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3. Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker Review

Here we are with a Gaggia model. It is included in our best espresso machine under your budget review because it has a number of beneficial aspects. You can brew single shots and double ones as well. It is a great solution in case you are addicted to frothing. It is also considered to be a user – friendly appliance. You won’t need to be an expert in order to use it. Using an espresso machine should be a pleasure instead of a challenge. The Gaggia Classic Semi – Automatic Espresso Maker possesses the necessary tools such as:

  • portafilter (3 different types)
  • tamper
  • measuring scoop


  • Pannarello wand solution provides great performance in terms of milk beverages. Your froth will taste and look exquisite.
  • 1 year of warranty – Gaggia after sales services are great. For the whole year after buying the appliance, you can rely on Gaggia for any incident with your appliance.
  • This model is made of stainless steel material – It evokes durability and a neat outlook.
  • The portafilter is another additional benefit. This specific model is coming not with one, but with three different varieties of portafilter (Made of chrome – plated).


  • The water tank is considered to be relatively small.
  • Because of the size, the water tank becomes a difficult task in terms of cleaning


If you are looking for a personal espresso machine and you imagine your cup of coffee with an abundant milk froth on the top, the Gaggia model is the right choice for you. The Classic Semi-Automatic is coming with three different portafilters as well.

4. De’Longhi EN550BK1 – Lattissima Touch Nespresso Single Serve Espresso Maker Review

De’Longhi EN550BK1 model is being presented as an outstanding performer. This success relies upon a great pump of 19 – bar and 6 settings you can select in order to brew the preferred coffee variety between:

  • ristretto
  • espresso
  • long
  • hot milk
  • cappuccino
  • latte macchiato

After finishing brewing time, milk flask can be easily stored in the fridge. It only takes up to 25 minutes for the appliance to heat up.


  • Tasteful capsules – apart from the great device performance the pack is coming with different flavor capsules that will meet all your family needs.
  • 25 seconds heating time – If you have always worried about time, especially waiting time before a morning cup of coffee, now you won’t need anymore. The De’Longhi solution takes only 25 seconds of time to heat.
  • Cleaning easiness – The used capsules are ejected in a dedicated compartment inside the appliance. All you need is open and empty it with no struggle at all.


  • Not extremely hot water – It has been evidenced that the coffee does not result properly hot. The tendency of the appliance is to brew with warm water.


Looking for a wide gamma of choices? The De’Longhi model we are presenting in this case is the tailored solution to your needs. You will not need to wait for the preheating phase since the model requires only 25 seconds of time to reach the necessary temperature. It can be easily cleaned.

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5. Refurbished De’Longhi ECAM22110B Review

It is the last product on our review, but if you are looking for a highly automatic solution this model is the right one.

It can brew espresso, cappuccino and latte as well. The automatic cappuccino solution allows a fast flow between espresso preparation and milk frothing.


  • Compact size – It is considered a stable appliance that ensures durability thanks to its strong construction.
  • Adjustable height – you can use different size cups.
  • Frothing milk system
  • Burr grinder – It offers a combined solution. You can grind coffee and brew it immediately afterward.
  • 6 – Months Guarantee – The De’Longhi service support is always at your disposal for any issue you might face.


  • The only disadvantage we have noticed while we were testing this appliance is that you can choose only between two options in terms of amount.


This can deliberately consider the right option for anyone who is attracted to automatic solutions. You will be meeting your expectations once you bring the De’Longhi ECAM22110B home. It is also a combined solution – a mixture of grinding and brewing in the same place.

Decision Time!

De’Longhi EN550BK1 has been chosen as the best espresso machine under $500.  This model seems to ensure long durability thanks to its construction and the materials used. In terms of power, it is again a great performer. Thanks to the 19 bar pressure pump you will have the perfect cup of coffee. The machine requires only 25 seconds for the preheating phase, thus you will be saving time during your morning precious hours. As we usually emphasize, individuality is hard to be foreseen, but in this case, we believe we have found a common solution regardless of the type of coffee preferring. There are a number of recipes you can use in order to enjoy a great cup of coffee. You can rely on the the De’Longhi EN550BK1 6 settings system offer which allows you to select amongst 6 different types of coffee:

  1.     ristretto
  2.     espresso
  3.     long
  4.     hot milk
  5.     cappuccino
  6.     latte macchiato

With the given model you can use the Nespresso wonderful flavors. You can choose between, mild, strong and usual espresso taste.

When it comes to cleaning again the De’Longhi EN550BK1 is a great option. The vendors have been particularly focused on this element. The used capsules, once done, are automatically delivered into a dedicated compartment that can furtherly be emptied.

We believe this review will be a great support if you are thinking of buying the best espresso machine under $500. We have been checking and evaluating a number of products that fall into this category, but the listed 5 ones are the best performers on our point of view, meanwhile the De’Longhi EN550BK1 is the one exceeding our expectations since it suits almost all individual needs and offers ongoing stability.