Best espresso machine under $200 (Year 2018)

Focusing on the budget does not necessarily mean you are setting barriers. In the case of espresso machines, it might mean an orientation towards the features and elements you are more interested in. When I first bought my espresso machine, I had no information at all on what to focus on, what are considered pros and cons.

Because of this, and because there are still a number of questions being posed from prospect new buyers, we are always looking into how to facilitate the process of decision – making.

A smart decision is the one taken after being properly informed. We invite you to consult our Buyer’s Guide, prior to choosing a product. And further on, have a look at the best espresso machine under $200 selected from us and presented in the review section. We are sure, you will find your suitable solution in there. More to go, we will be picking up the best of the best at the end!

Buyer’s guide:

1. How can I know the difference between a single serving and multiple serving espresso machines?

Single serving espresso machines are those ones which are able to deliver only one cup of coffee at a time. You will need to restart the flow (adding capsule, adding water most probably) in order to get a second cup.

Meanwhile, the multiple serving espresso machines are able to provide a series of cups. They are usually coming with larger water tanks and capsule compartments.

2. Are there any handheld espresso machines?

Of course, there are. Coffee is the most requested beverage, especially during long trips. People are always looking for a cup of coffee in order to fresh up their mind.

Because of this and in order to add more customer satisfaction, espresso machines vendors have already launched a number of handheld espresso machines. It is up to you to decide whether you need a handheld type or not. In case you are travelling a lot, this type might be a great solution to you.

3. Should I buy a combined grinding and brewing espresso machine, or shall I go for the simple one?

Buying a combined solution is a great idea, but it is relevant to the user habits. In case you are more attracted to the coffee capsules rather to the coffee beans you should deliberately choose a brewer only express machine.

Whilst if you enjoy grinding your own coffee beans than a combined one is the right choice to be made.

4. Are all devices suitable for any type of capsule?

As a matter of fact, no. A number of coffee makers/ espresso machines are suitable only for a category of capsules and they cannot be used with others or any type of coffee bean/ ground.

But, there is also some other espresso machinery that is being provided with a universal approach in terms of capsule compatibility. In case you are a regular consumer of a given brand of coffee capsules, you need to make sure that the espresso machine you are buying is compatible with your favourite coffee capsules.

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5. Do the coffee brewers produce noise?

Just like any other electrical machine, the coffee brewers are functioning thanks to an engine/ motor.

Because of this, some very light noise will be noticed when approaching the appliance during the working stage. Some models are considered quieter, whilst others noisier.


Review Time!

1. STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker Review

The Staresso is coming with an interesting solution in terms of espresso machines. This attractive model is a portable one that can brew cold coffee in an instant. It is manually operated, yet the quality is great.


  • Ergonomic solution – it is the right choice for any of you who wants to brew his/ her own coffee regardless of the place and time.
  • Great pressure – it can reach up to 15 bar pressure. The flavour will be excellent.
  • Cold coffee – you can brew a cup of cold coffee perfectly using the Staresso model.
  • Cleaning easiness – Stress – free cleaning routine thanks to the intentional wide design and construction.
  • No electrical contact – you can manually brew your own coffee with no need for batteries or electrical power. Energy safe!


  • Manually powered – It can be considered as a “cons” to those individuals who tend to avoid manual operations.


This Staresso model is really great to anyone who loves to camp or travel without missing the taste and flavour of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. You can have it hot or cold with same delicious taste. This model is easily handled and operated.

2. Minipresso NS, compatible with Nespresso brand capsules Review

Here we are again with a portable solution. It is Nespresso Minipresso that provides a great tasteful single shot cup of coffee. This model is also compatible with the Nespresso coffee capsules in order to provide a bundled solution. All you need to do is introduce the capsule and water and make your cup ready for pouring the beverage.


  • Cleaning easiness – It is a really quick and efficient appliance that can be easily cleaned up once it has been used.
  • Practical design – The device is being introduced in a practical shape. Its size is great when you consider to take it with you during journeys or camping.
  • Health safe materials – Considering that the appliance is manually operated the construction is made of light materials which are BPA free.


  • The water flask is not included in the packaging.
  • The only compatible capsules are the Nespresso ones.


This model can be evaluated as a really practical solution in regards to handled espresso machines. The pressure is good (up to 8 bars) and the light weight is another beneficial side. You can take it anywhere if you, especially if you love the Nespresso capsules since they are the only one compatible with this specific model.

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3. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker Review

This is another model presented by Nespresso. The red coloured Inissia Espresso Maker is really easy to be used. It is compatible only with the Nespresso brand coffee capsules. The dimensions are reasonable and you can place this model anywhere, in your kitchen or office. It will certainly add colour to the surroundings.


  • User – friendly – The coffee capsules can be injected and removed with easiness.
  • Quick pre – heating – It only needs 25 seconds and it will be ready to start brewing.
  • 2 Programmable buttons – Lungo/ Espresso solutions
  • Removable water bowl – You can easily remove the water compartment in order to clean or fill it as per the necessity.
  • Energy efficient approach – thanks to the class of energy “A”, it is a reasonable approach in terms of energy saving.


  • Noise – The only disadvantage we could identify in this model is the fact that it produces some light levels of noise.


Great option for electrical powered espresso machine users. It is fast and efficient. Really practical in terms of cleaning and managing. Attractive design that can act as an eye – catcher. It actually functioned in my case.

4. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer Review

It is time now to switch to another coffee maker brand. Chulux is bringing to our attention its single shot coffee maker for K – Cup capsules. The device is a portable one and really practical as well.


  • User – friendly – With one simple button you can brew your tasteful cup of espresso. It won’t last longer than up to five minutes and it will be ready to enjoy.
  • Design feasibility – thanks to its ergonomic design, you can bring this portable coffee maker anywhere with you.
  • Detachable parts – you can easily remove the water tank and the drip tray in order to wash them throughout and ensure a fully hygienic coffee maker.
  • One year guarantee – the vendor is ensuring this model reliability with 1 – year guarantee.
  • Automatic Shut – Off – If you want a morning stress free routine this is a great solution. Once the brewing has finished, the device will automatically shut – off.


  • Single serving – the only downside we could identify in this model is the fact that it is serving only single shots.


If you are looking for an individual solution, you can perfectly pick up this single serving CHULUX coffee maker. It is fully safe in terms of materials used for its construction and functions. The parts are detachable to ensure a smooth cleaning routine and the design is really feasible to be considered as a portable coffee maker.

5. VillaWare NDVLEM1000 Review

The last model in our best espresso machine under $200 is coming from the VillaWare product gamma. This new model has a powerful pressure that can reach up to 15 bars. The device can brew perfect cappuccino as well. The NDVLEM1000 model is coming with a great and practical menu setting.


  • Stainless steel construction – the durability of this appliance is guaranteed by the stainless steel construction.
  • Ergonomic menu – Every control is positioned in an ergonomic menu in order to facilitate the user experience.
  • Fast heating – in order to save energy and time, VillaWare has built up a thermal block feature in order to provide a fast preheating temperature.
  • User – friendly – thanks to the design you can easily replenish your espresso machinery. The water tank can be easily removed in order to be properly washed and cleaned.
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  • Noise – During the testing period it has been evidenced a light noise coming from this espresso machine. Anyways, we need to mention that unless you are really worried about a light noise, the device is doing really great.


I personally consider this model as an effective and interesting one. It is strong thanks to stainless steel materials. It heats fast and it is also really user – friendly.

Decision Time!

Here we are at the decisive moment! But, first of all, have you noticed that there are a lot of things you need to know prior to selecting the best espresso machine? How come there are so many details you need to have into consideration? Most probably because of the long history coffee consumption bears.

We have tried to take into account all the most impacting elements when we built our review of the best espresso machines under $200.  And on our judgment, driven by personal experiences and professional consultancy, the best product of our top selected espresso machines is the Single Serve Coffee Brewer presented by CHULUX. It is representing a portable solution that is compatible mostly with K – Cup capsules, but it can find compatibility even to other models.

This appliance has shown up to be really user – friendly. The most important parts such as the drip tray and the water container can be easily detached from the unit. You can easily wash and take care of them separately. The unit in itself is light – weighted and can be placed anywhere.

The vendors are providing this model in the market with one – year limited warranty. They are ensuring that the model is reliable because of the materials and the construction strength. No noise production reported or evidenced during the usage of this model.

The Chulux model is considered to be a smart solution for a quiet and productive morning routine. You can switch on your Chulux device and it will start brewing your coffee. At the meantime, you can go on with other arrangements. Once the brewing process will be over, the device will automatically shut – off. This option is highly preferred by the employee users who are always rushing during the morning hours.

As previously mentioned in our review, if you are looking for a personal coffee maker/ brewer then here you are with the best choice in terms of a single serving coffee machine. Again, we won’t leave aside the individuality element! You can always find your perfect individual choice amongst the top selected and reviewed items in our best espresso machine under $200 review.