Best espresso machine under $1000 (Year 2018)

You can find good and attractive espresso machines at almost any price range. But, when you are looking for the best espresso machine under $1000, you are also looking for automatic solutions, programmable machines and eye – catching design elements.

Of course, you are also looking for great brewing abilities, a combination of grinding and brewing in the same unit and final product taste and flavor. With the price increase, you are always asking for more and more elements that enrich your user experience.

In order for any of you to have a detailed orientation on what to look for in the best espresso machine under $1000, we will provide a careful guide that will be followed by the top 5 espresso machines selected from us.

What should we be looking for in the best espresso machine under $1000?

Memorizing abilities – Next level in your espresso brewing experience!

Yes! It is not fiction! Today you can ask for this option when you are buying an espresso machine in the mid – high range. The memory option enables the user to create its own programming settings.

The espresso machine will, in this case, memorize your preferences and brew the espresso shot accordingly. In case your espresso machine is combined with grinding abilities, it can also memorize this process as well.

Almost everything has been invented nowadays, all that the product and services companies are looking for is enhancing the customer experience in terms of easiness and feasibility.

Construction materials – Durable and reliable

When a manufacturing company is conceptualizing a new product, it is always focusing on expected costs and possible revenues associated with this product.

Thus, when it comes the moment of considering an espresso machine under $1000, you are most probably located in the mid – high segment that includes types of machines constructed in good and sustainable materials such as stainless steel or ceramics.

These materials have been tested under challenging situations and have been demonstrating high levels of durability regardless of consumption time or external factors. Make sure you are carefully evaluating the product before buying it!

User – friendly experience – The next target!

Why were machines invented for? You can contribute to a number of answers in this regard, but the most important are – To decrease the number of human manual processes and facilitate the general flow of producing, delivering or transforming something.

Based on this, we are able to enjoy today the espresso machines as well.

Especially when you are ready to invest a considerable amount of budget for this purpose you will have to ask for great and smart solutions that will enrich your user – friendly experience and will allow you to enjoy your espresso shot with no or just a few efforts.

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Environment and energy efficient unit – Save, save and save!

In fact, we are talking about a serious investment. When you spend a considerable budget for purchasing an electronic equipment you are always looking for energy efficient operations.

When you are saving energy you are simultaneously respecting the environment. There are a number of mid – high espresso machines that offer sets of automatic features that make possible the energy consumption reduction.

Options such as automatic brew, shut off, etc. are the ones we are referring to.


Review Time!

1. Delonghi ECAM23210SB Review

The first product enrolled in our review list is being proposed by DeLonghi. The highly automatic coffee machine ECAM23210SB is a combined solution that saves you time and space – grinder and brewer all – in – one. The unit has also been designed with a 60 oz. removable water tank.


  • Pressure power – The ECAM23210SB model is manufactured with a 15 bars pressure pump that provide the right amount of smooth and round espresso shot.
  • Durable materials – The burr grinder (conical variant) is made of stainless steel material which ensures long durability despite the usage.
  • Adjust the machine to your cup height – You can level up and down the coffee spout in order to match it with your cup size.
  • Not only espresso – The ECAM23210SB can support your chocolate or tea longings as well by producing only hot water.
  • Online support – DeLongi has enabled an online support any time of the day for your ECAM23210SB model.


  • The ECAM23210SB has not been reported for any cons.


The optimal choice to go for when you are looking for a fast and reliable espresso machine. It is constructed mainly of stainless steel and it is being offered continuous online support. The pump pressure allows you to brew round tasteful espresso shot.

2. Saeco HD8645/47 X-Small Review

We are always focused on providing diversity. This is applied in terms of brands as well. We are now bringing to your attention the Saeco model which is a vapor espresso machine – HD8645/47 X-Small. There are a number of pros associated with this product, but we will mention the most important ones.


  • 100% ceramic grinds – The combined solution is equipped with pure ceramic grinders. This material is always used in order to bear the most challenging situations. Your coffee flavor won’t be compromised from any possible burning smell.
  • Memorizing option – The HD8645/47 X-Small is a smart unit. It is able to memorize your most selected options and independently act accordingly.
  • Milk frother – You can brew café latte thanks to the amazing milk frother installed in this unit.
  • Easy cleaning – Here there is a great news! You can remove the brew mechanism in order to easily clean it. You can also switch the unit to automatic cleaning in order to avoid manual handling of this task.
  • Descale indicator– HD8645/47 X-Small lets you know when it is time to descale the machine.
  • Time and energy efficient – Fast brewing is made possible thanks to the smart technology applied in the heating boiler.
  • Black Elegance – The unit is coming in an interesting black design that will add more elegance to your kitchen or office.
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  • There have not been identified any particular design related to the HD8645/47 X-Small. The only disadvantage reported is the tank size. It is not considered a generous one when compared to other models.


When you are asking for the right espresso machine which possesses all the most important features, this is the corresponding model. HD8645/47 X-Small is fast, intelligent, durable and also environmentally friendly. Uncompromised taste in any espresso shot!

3. Gaggia Brera – Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia is also part of our top 5 selected espresso machines. The Gaggia Brera device is a silver colored unit able to deliver espresso made of whole beans or pre-grounded coffee. Gaggia Brera offers an optimized solution for cappuccino and café latte as well thanks to its frothing mechanism.


  • Front access for easy handling – Maintenance has never been this easy. Drip tray, water storage and the dregs drawer can be easily accessed from the front.
  • Display menu – All settings and options made available in this unit are perfectly organized in one display.
  • Fast steaming/ heating – Gaggia has taken care of time and efficiency and it is providing a fast heating and steaming technology.
  • Warranty terms – Gaggia is guaranteeing this model with 1 – year warranty terms.


  • Crema quantity – The only downside reported from user feedback is that the amount of the crema produced is not in the desired quantity.


Great choice when you are looking for a multi purpose solution. You can perfectly brew espresso shots, cappuccino and café latte with the same unit. This model is also user – friendly in regards to cleaning and maintenance thanks to the front side managing opportunity.

4. La Pavoni PA-1200 Napolitana Review

This is an Italian proposal and you know that when it comes to coffee, our Italian friends cannot be left aside. La Pavoni PA – 100 is constructed of stainless steel material and it is an automatic solution as well.


  • Durability – Relying on the stainless steel construction this machine is able to produce and store at the right temperature your favorite espresso shot.
  • Grinder solution – The unit is equipped with a conical – burr grinder that provides smooth grinding for delicious final coffee delivery.
  • Generous water tank – This model is coming with a 100 oz water tank that allows you to brew coffee for all your family members without having to fill the tank over and over.


  • Grinding settings adjustments – The disadvantage of this model is related to the difficulty that the users have encountered while trying to adjust the grinding settings according to their preference.


Nice presentation of the Italian manufacturers. The La Pavoni PA – 100 is able to provide outstanding espresso shots for all your friends and family with one tank.

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5. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio – 2 Coffee Review

Last product of this review is the Nespresso choice – Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio – 2 Coffee. Thanks to its smart mechanism you can control the speed and amount of your coffee brewing. Despite the general benefits you can encounter in one of the best espresso machines under your budget, this model has some other pros as well.


  • Sealing – The Nespresso solution is offering full protection of the coffee flavors that remain intact during the brewing process.
  • Highly compact design – The size (6.7-inch x 11-inch x 10.2 inches) and elegant shape of this model allows the user to put it anywhere in the kitchen. It will only add more style and freshness to the surroundings.
  • Pick and Go – Nespresso is always taking care of usage simplicity. All you need to do while using this model is pick up the espresso coffee capsule, select the favorite espresso type and go. Once the brewing process is over, the unit will stop.


  • Coffee choice – This unit offers only a limited number of coffee variants that can be chosen and brewed.


The outstanding model that offers both quality and eye – catching elements. It is considered to be very user – friendly during operations such as brewing or cleaning. Unless you like to change coffee tastes every morning, this espresso machine would do great.

Decision time!

Although we have picked up and presented different outstanding models that had lots of differentiating features when compared to one – another, we can deliberately say that it was not that difficult to select the top of the top. We are pretty much sure that even you have already picked up the same model we are referring to – Saeco HD8645/47 X-Small.

It looks like the Saeco HD8645/47 X-Small is responding almost to all of the features we discussed in the Buyers’ Guide. This unit is made of long – lasting materials such as pure 100% ceramic which is found in the grinds. Thanks to this material you won’t risk having a burning taste in your espresso shot.

We discussed intelligence and the HD8645/47 X-Small has got a grasp on it. The memory feature allows the equipment to understand your preferences in terms of brewing and grinding and further act independently following these choices.

Maintenance and cleaning are almost automatically done anytime you wish for. You can either chose to remove the brew mechanism for manually washing and cleaning it, or you can rely on the automatic option offered by this model. Cleaning experience is further enriched thanks to the descale indicator that notifies you anytime that the equipment internals needs to be descaled. You only need to take care of the right descaling and cleaning solutions.

This model is also attractive. Its black color allows it to be placed anywhere without wondering on the outlook – as it is by no means elegant.