Best espresso machine under $100 (Year 2018)

Amazing purchases are done almost every minute all around the world. There are endless smart deals that ensure an outstanding product at a very convenient price. Buying products at convenient prices can sometimes be a better deal than buying them with mid to high – level ones.

Based on this, we have turned our heads towards the best espresso machine under $100 out there. We knew that there is a lot of excellent espresso machines situated in this segment.

We started an insight evaluation of each of the most interesting models and picked up those which were considered as the best ones. Prior to evaluating these pick – ups and their pros and possible cons, we are going to provide the Buyers’ Guide section that will help you with the necessary details.

Buyers’ Guide!

1. Why is water pressure important during brewing process?

Water pressure is an important component of an espresso machine. If the water pressure is low then the coffee will result with a bitter taste and dark colour.

If it is high then the coffee flavour will be lost and the coffee will not be creamy. Considering the impact that water pressure has on coffee, it is very important to settle the right pressure as per the coffee machine instructions paper.

2. What can I expect from the best espresso machine under 100?

Practically, you can expect all the best to come packed in your best espresso machine under $100.

There are outnumbered espresso machines with great features and components. Many of them are programmable and have automatic elements.

Almost all of the best espresso machines under $100 deliver fabulous espresso shots with full flavour and taste.

3. Is coffee quality impacting the delivery of my espresso machine under 100?

Espresso coffee beans or ground is impacting the final delivery at same extent it is impacting any type of espresso machine delivery.

In case you are using a poor quality of espresso coffee than the espresso machine will not be able to succeed, regardless of the price range.

When you buy espresso coffee make sure it is properly grounded or the beans are properly roasted in order not to destroy your espresso machine mechanism or filters.

4. What about the boiler type? What should I have into consideration?

Actually, there are three types of espresso machine boilers:

  • Double boilers
  • Single boiler
  • Heat exchanger

The double boiler is the perfect choice if you are looking for an espresso machine that is able to maintain the right temperature throughout the whole process. Make sure to pay attention to the package description in order to understand if the espresso machine you are buying is equipped with a dual boiler.

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5. Is there any difference related to the materials used for construction?

As a matter of fact, there is. Usually the high – level espresso machines are made of stainless steel or other resistant materials which ensure home protection from any inconvenience involving your espresso machine.

 Anyways, even in the case of the best espresso machines under $100, you can find metal constructed ones.

6. Should I consider the espresso machine design?

If you are looking for an espresso machine that will be placed in your  your office than you might need to pay attention to the design. It is important to purchase a product that fits with the style of the room where it will be settled.

Another important element worth to be mentioned is noise. Usually the high – level espresso machines are coming in quieter solutions, but still, there are great options when you purchase low to mid – end products.

Also, we always suggest to read all the specifics in order to understand whether your potential new espresso machine is properly equipped with the right tools.


Best espresso machine under $100 Reviews

1. Mr Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Review

The first product on our review is part of the Mr Coffee product gamma. The Automatic Dual Shot ECMP50 is equipped with a system that provides both espresso and cappuccino.


  • Pressure power – The Dual Shot ECMP50 is built with a pump that provides pressure levels equal to 15 bars.
  • Dual shots – You can brew and deliver two single espresso shots at the mean time.
  • Thermal Block Solution – Thanks to this technological finding temperature will be instantly achieved and maintained during the brewing time.
  • Removable drip tray – You can easily wash the drip tray by removing it from the unit.


  • No programmable brewing – The downside of this espresso machine is that brewing process cannot be programmed. Thus, you will need to stay nearby in order to check the unit in regards to water and pressure.


The Automatic Dual Shot ECMP50 provided by Mr Coffee is a great option when you are looking for a fully equipped device that is also able to provide two single shots simultaneously. The device offers great facilities in terms of cleaning – both the drip tray and water tank are removable.

2. Brentwood GA – 125 Espresso Cappuccino Maker Review

Were you looking for the perfect cappuccino and espresso maker that would enhance your morning routine? Brentwood is providing a solution for your demand. The GA – 125 Espresso and Cappuccino maker is the remarkable espresso machine that brews excellent shots.


  • Size – The GA – 125 model can brewing capabilities can reach around 20oz.
  • Steamer strength – By means of a strong steamer, your café latte will taste excellent, your cappuccino too.
  • Design – This model has a very attractive design. The carafe is made of glass and it constructed with an interesting handle which facilitates transport from one place to another.
  • Easy Cleaning – Both the carafe and the drip tray are removable in order for you to easily wash them and attach to the unit again.
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  • Voltage – The only encountered disadvantage of this appliance is that it can operate only with 110v energy.


Once you start using the Brentwood GA – 125 Espresso you will understand and take advantage of all the above – mentioned benefits. Another value added element is the design. You will not need to worry on where to place it since the GA – 125 model is designed to fit anywhere.

3. Mr Coffee BVMC-ECM260-RB-1 Review

Here we are again with an amazing product being offered from Mr Coffee. The Coffee BVMC-ECM260-RB-1 is a black version which is able to produce both espresso and cappuccino storing the coffee flavours.


  • Outstanding steam system – The Coffee BVMC-ECM260-RB-1 is able to brew 20 ounces of your favourite beverage – espresso coffee.
  • Milk frother – You will not have to worry anymore about the cream issue. Thanks to the milk frother provided in this model, your cappuccino will have the proportional amount of cream to taste delicious.
  • Easy handling – You can easily remove and transit your carafe from the unit to another place thanks to the easy grip handle.


  • No relevant cons have been identified when reviewing this model. From user feedback, the only reported downside is related to the ability to maintain the temperature at the appropriate levels.


In case you want to buy an espresso machine able to deliver bold espresso and creamy café latte and cappuccino, there won’t be any better option than this one in the predefined cost segment. The unit has almost all of the most important features and what most important – it delivers great and tasteful espresso coffee shots.

4. Conair Cuisinart EM-100 Review

Cuisinart is coming with the Conair EM-100. This espresso machine is made of Stainless Steel (1.66 Quart) in order to ensure long – life durability and stability. It is also combined with a powerful pump that allows the user to make great coffee shots.


  • Stainless Steel – Thanks to its stainless steel construction you will be ensured on a life – term durable appliance.
  • 2 – Cups size – You can brew 1 – 2 cups as per your demand. You can also use both pods and grounded espresso.
  • Full pack – The unit is coming with the relevant accessories that make it an outstanding choice:
  • Steam nozzle
  • Frothing Cup
  • Removable drip tray
  • Tamping tool
  • Porta – filter holder.


  • NAES – This product can be used only in the NAES.
  • Noisy – Based on user feedback, this model is considered to be producing levels of noise that can be bothering at a certain moment.


If you are living in the North America and you do not pay too much attention to the noise element than the Conair Cuisinart EM-100 is a perfect solution for you. This espresso coffee machine can produce up to 2 cups of excellent coffee. It is being offered with a number of accessories that facilitate the usage and enhance customer experience.

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5. Powerful Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review

The last product of our list is being compared to a Barista Express Machine. It is coming in black colour and it is notable for making European shots.


  • 800 w – In order to deliver delicious European café lattes and cappuccinos, this model is relying on its 800 w power.
  • Warranty – The vendors are providing this model with a 1 – year warranty. It means that you will be enjoying your espresso experience without worrying over possible incidents in the near future.
  • Measuring scoop – In order for the user to pour the right amounts of coffee or even water, a measuring scoop is being provided within the unit package.


  • Cleaning easiness – It has been reported that cleaning this espresso machine is not really easy. You need to pay attention to the instructions paper carefully.


If you are attracted by the European coffee taste then you must go for the given model of the espresso machine. It is a great choice that is being ensured with 1-year warranty terms.

Decision time!

Brewing the morning espresso shot might be an enjoyable experience at same extent it might be a troublesome one. In order to minimise the chances of the latest, we have treated the best espresso machines under $100 with the aim to support you in making the right choice when it comes to espresso shots. You can find really great products on the market within this price segment. We have already picked up the best 5!

We have also further evaluated each of the tops up 5 in order to identify the top product. As always, our selection has been based on general customers’ demands, because each of them has its own individuality.

The best espresso machine under $100 resulted in being the Coffee BVMC-ECM260-RB-1. We have carefully evaluated each component and the only downside of the model was related to temperature. You need to pay careful attention to the instructions in order to achieve the desired brewing temperature. You can also find interesting facts on brewing temperature online.

On the other hand, this model has a lot of great features that will satisfy your needs. Thanks to the outstanding steaming system you will be able to brew up to 20 ounces of espresso coffee. In case what you prefer is cappuccino or café latte, the milk frother provided in this unit will deliver even creamy mass on your shot.

Another important element found in this model is the handling feasibility. The easy – handling design offers you a great experience in terms of cleaning and transporting the unit prior or after using it.

Because of all of the mentioned features, you will enjoy brewing your espresso shot regardless of it being bold or creamy. The Coffee BVMC – ECM260 – RB – 1 possesses all the good qualities that can be identified in the high – end espresso machines segments.