Best espresso beans Of 2018 & Buying Guide

Have you ever grounded coffee beans your own? Do you know the difference between pre – grounded coffee and freshly grounded ones?

In case you never tried to grind the coffee yourself because you were not aware on the best espresso beans in the market, we are here to offer you information on top 5 ones. Before we pass to the review section, we would strongly suggest you consult our buyers’ guide.

Its purpose is to orient your focus your attention in the most relevant details in regards to the coffee beans for espresso. Remember, coffee is consumed all over the world, and people really enjoy the coffee experience even in terms of connecting with each – other.

Buyers’ Guide!

1.  Is there any difference between the espresso coffee beans and the coffee ones?

No! There is not. The only differentiation you can make between these two “types” is their color. The darkest are more roasted in order to be brewed in the espresso machines and deliver the expected smooth taste, whilst the lightest are less roasted and can be perfectly brewed in a coffee maker.

2. What makes coffee beans tasteful ones?

Proper acidity levels

Acidity plays a very important role in coffee beans flavor. Usually, coffee consumers are reporting that they do not favor the high acidity coffee.

Anyways, we need to mention that acidity, at the right levels, is important in order to grant the right taste to your coffee. When coffee beans are possessing high levels of acidity it usually means that they have been roasted at high temperatures in order to shorten up the roasting time.

Sundried and Washed coffee beans

Sundried coffee beans have naturally undergone the drying process thanks to the sun properties. Meanwhile, the washed ones have been dried through industrial flows.

Normally, the sun – dried coffee beans are less prone to developing acidic properties when compared to the washed ones. There is a lot of information provided in the online literature on the coffee preparation process and flow.

How can you understand the best espresso coffee beans?

There are a set of elements you can observe in order to deduct which is the best and tasteful coffee bean option.

Flavour – Of course, coffee has its own taste, sometimes light and sometimes strong. Yet, nowadays coffee beans are being provided with additional flavors that enrich the consumer taste. You can choose mainly between below flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Berry
  • Citrus
  • Spice

Sensation – The moment when you sip your cup of coffee you are naturally sensing whether it is creamy or not, whether it has a full taste or not. The best coffee beans for espresso are offering a creamy experience.

Aroma – Although the aroma is strongly related to the type of coffee you have chosen, yet you can derive freshness from the aroma. The better and inviting the aroma, the fresher are the coffee beans.

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3. Is caffeine amount larger in a cup of espresso compared to the cup of coffee?

Espresso has, in fact, a deeper concentration than coffee and this is the reason why it is always more considered as stronger and thicker. But, in terms of caffeine, we need to consider the color of the roast. When the roast is light then there are more chances for a high caffeine concentrate. Meanwhile, when the roast is dark it means that a part of the caffeine concentrate has distinguished because of the roasting.

Espresso beans tend to be darker, thus the theory suggests that there is not larger amount of caffeine in an espresso than the one in a cup of coffee.


Best espresso beans reviews

1.Koffee Kult Eye Cracker Espresso Beans Review

The first espresso coffee beans of our list are coming from Koffee. The given variant of espresso coffee beans is a medium roasted one with a twist of citrus that adds more flavor to the basic product.


  • Shot of taste – If you are looking for a tasteful espresso this is the one that perfectly fits your needs. It is a mixture of excellent coffee flavor and fruity aroma.
  • Caffeine concentration – Thanks to its medium roasted nature, the Koffee Kult Eye Cracker Espresso Beans offer the morning caffeine shot in a fabulous taste.
  • Naturally brought up – These espresso coffee beans are partially from Central Amerika and partially from Kenya. Both mixture elements have been naturally farmed and manually roasted by the artisans.
  • Environmentally – friendly – Your espresso coffee beans bag can be used and reused further on, thanks to its re – sealable mechanism.


  • There are no reported cons from consumer feedback and no cons were identified during the product review time.


If you are attracted to 100% Arabica Coffee Beans and you follow exactly the instructions on how to prepare your espresso shot, you will be delighted with the outcome.

2. Verena Street – Shot Tower Espresso Review

The Verena Street – Shot Tower espresso is made of dark espresso coffee beans. They are fully Arabica and intensively roasted to provide a smooth espresso shot featured by a creamy experience.


  • Certified Quality – These beans are Kosher Certified which is a world – wide certification.
  • Naturally Grown – The given espresso coffee beans have been farmed in natural conditions in order to maintain all the nutritional elements.
  • Multi – purpose – You can use these espresso coffee beans in a course or fine grind espresso. The flavor and quality are guaranteed in both versions.


  • Bitterness – The only disadvantage of this product stands in the taste bitterness. Although it is a darkly roasted version, it seems to have a bitter taste. Yet, in case you are attracted from bitterness, this might be an excellent choice.
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The Verena Street – Shot Tower espresso grants you coffee natural taste as it is farmed and traded in fair conditions. Manually roasted to ensure and encapsulate the flavors, it can be the best espresso shot for your daily routine.

3. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Review

Lavazza name favors of a world – wide recognition in regards to coffee beans and other coffee formats. In this review, we are presenting the Lavazza whole coffee bean offered by a mixture of Brazilian, Indonesian and Central American assortments.


  • Multi – purpose solution – Your Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans are adaptable to any fine or drip coffee grinding.
  • Super crema – Thanks to the Lavazza expertise in the area, you will have an espresso shot whose taste will not easily disappear.


  • Shelf time – From consumer experience and feedback it has been reported that the Lavazza shelf time in the case of this product is more than 6 months. Because of this, a taste issue might arise from time to time.


If you are looking for a worldwide coffee provider brand, the Lavazza store is always the right choice for you. The Lavazza Super Crema Espresso are offering a great opportunity to enjoy a mixture of the most interesting coffee beans.

4.Kicking Horse Coffee Review

It is another coffee beans combination which is being proposed to anyone who loves coffee taste with additional flavors in it (such as fruit and cocoa).


  • Medium roast – In order for the coffee lovers to feel the coffee strength and the full aromas, the Kicking Horse Coffee has been roasted in medium levels.
  • The quadruple combination of coffee beans – In one shot of espresso, you can taste the African, Central & South American and Indonesian flavors.
  • Multi – level benefits – When buying Kicking Horse Coffee espresso coffee beans you are simultaneously benefiting of Arabica beans that are:
    • Pure Organic Coffee
    • Certified Fair Trade
    • Certified organic
    • Shade grown


  • Oily nature – The only downside of this product is that it might get sticky since it as high oil properties.


Kicking Horse Coffee is offering a full pack of benefits in regards to flavors and taste. The medium roasted coffee beans are deliciously providing a smooth creamy espresso shot.


JO Espresso is made of Arabica Coffee 100% organic. It is evaluated as a medium to a dark roasted variant, fully NON – GMO. You can always turn to Jo Espresso in case you are fanatic to the espresso pure taste with no additional flavors.


  • Espresso original taste – You can rely on these espresso coffee beans in case you are looking for the original taste of espresso shot.
  • NON – GMO – Jo Espresso is proudly showcasing its products as NON – GMO ones, thus fully healthy and environmentally safe.
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  • From consumer feedback, it has been reported that the espresso flavor is not as strong as it is expected to be.


The Arabica JO Espresso coffee beans are coming as a great choice when you love to taste plain espresso flavor. The vendor is working only on NON – GMO coffee beans which add more value to the product.

Decision time!

It is not that simple to pick up the perfect type of espresso coffee beans. Almost all serious and reliable coffee providers are offering to the market outstanding coffee beans quality. Another factor that adds an extra layer of difficulty in picking up the best one is the individuality of each consumer in terms of taste. Some individuals prefer the espresso shot to taste strong and feel the full aroma, whilst others prefer a more rounded and light taste. In the first case, we are dealing with consumers who are relying on their single espresso shot to gain the morning energy. While in the second case, the consumers prefer to have several espresso shots during the day.

Anyways, in both of the cases, consumers are demanding for a highly qualitative product that will fulfill their needs. We have previously discussed over roast level importance in our Buyers’ Guide. And it is again time to rely on this element in order to start our selection process.

After consulting several sources of literature and experts of the matter, we drew the conclusion that a medium roasted option is the best way to go with. The medium roasted espresso coffee beans possess the full taste strength but on the other hand, they have few acidic levels.

Based on this, and other additional positive elements, we picked up the Koffee Kult Eye Cracker Espresso Beans. They provide a mixture of espresso coffee flavor with citrus flavor. The shot of espresso will feel like a freshly enjoyable morning beverage.

Caffeine concentration found in the Koffee Kult Eye Cracker Espresso Beans is offered at the necessary levels needed for a daily consumption. Coffee beans are duos of Kenya and Central American ones. They are 100% Arabica and they are naturally farmed in order to ensure free of chemicals and modified experience.

The Koffee Kult Eye Cracker Espresso Beans has gone further in terms of protecting the environment. The coffee beans bag is re – usable thanks to the re – sealable mechanism.

As far as cons are concerned, there couldn’t be identified any cons during the usage of this product, nor reported from the consumer experience.

Thus, if you are attracted to coffee combinations with other flavors, but yet you need to feel the coffee strength the Koffee Kult Eye Cracker Espresso Beans is the most outstanding product to offer such. This product can be easily adapted to any type of espresso coffee machine and fits fine and coarse coffee types. All you need to do is to follow the instructions provided in the package and you will achieve a tasteful “Mouth – feel”.