Best coffee maker with grinder Of 2018 & Buying Guide

You know how much time you can save by using a coffee maker that is also a grinder?

In case you are a regular coffee consumer and you prefer having it at home, you are aware of the necessary efforts you have to put in order to have that tasteful cup of coffee. What about if you want your coffee to be fresh and not encapsulated?

Does it mean you need to have a coffee maker and also a coffee grinder? Yes, you might, but you might even not! You can choose to buy a coffee maker with an in – built grinding solution that will allow you to perform both processes with the same kitchen appliance.

Buyer’s Guide:

We assume that anyone would prefer to select a multi – purpose appliance instead of several devices. Because of this, we would prefer to provide some answers to the most frequent questions that prospect users ask when they are about to choose the best coffee maker with grinder solution.

1. Why choosing a coffee maker with in – built grinder rather than two dedicated appliances?

There are two reasons that can be picked up by order of priority. First of all, buying one appliance instead of two is considered to be storage – efficient and energy efficient at the mean time. Coffee makers with incorporated grinding solution do have quite the same size of the coffee maker or the coffee grinder.

The second most important reason is related to cleaning efforts. Why cleaning two devices when you have the opportunity to clean only one?

2. What about the price? Does the coffee maker with in – built grinder cost more than the coffee maker stand alone?

The three types of appliances, coffee maker, coffee grinder and the coffee maker with in – built grinder are coming with different prices within their product category itself.

From a market study we have conducted, it resulted that you can find great coffee makers with in – built grinder at an equal price to the coffee maker alone.

Thus, if you consider yourself a smart buyer, all you need to do is make the right research in order to pick up the best product at the best price.

3. Does the combined solution produce more noise than the stand alone one?

Again we cannot generalize the question. A combined solution can produce less noise than a stand – alone one if the product is good and the provider has taken proper care to the noise reduction element.

Yet, you need to read the paper and ask the right questions in terms of noise, since it can become a real trouble during your week mornings.

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4. Is the coffee taste impacted when brewed with a coffee maker with grinder solution?

Of course, it is! Once you grind and brew the coffee almost in real time, the flavors and freshness will be perfectly kept into your cup of coffee. You will be tasting full deliciousness during your morning coffee time.

5. Do these appliances come with detachable parts?

The main reason why the coffee makers started to be provided with a grinder in – built solution was in order to make consumers’ lives easier.

Thus, most of the serious and dedicated vendors are trying to conceptualize these devices with as many detachable parts as possible.

This feature will contribute to the cleaning easiness and number of functions that can be added or removed to the main device depending on the users needs.


Best coffee maker with grinder reviews

It looks like people are really found of making their own coffee. This is the reason why they are always challenging themselves in order to try new ways of brewing coffee until they reach perfection.

1. Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Review

The first model we are starting our review is coming by Cuisinart. The DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew version is a coffee maker with an automatic 10 – cup solution, combined with grinding option.


  • The device is considered to be a great one in case you are looking for a programmable solution. It has been designed with:
    • Auto shut off
    • Brew pause
  • You can choose between 1 – 4 cups
  • You can choose to switch off grinding in case your coffee beans are already ground.
  • The walls of coffee tank are built in stainless steel in order to maintain the right temperature
  • The product is coming with a full set of accessories such as:
    • Water filter (made of charcoal)
    • Permanent filter (gold tone)
    • Measuring scoop
    • Instruction booklet
  • The tank is covered with a lid that can be released through a simple button.


  • During the testing phase of the product, it was noticed that coffee might get wet during the grinding process.
  • Parts of the product are not easily detachable, thus cleaning process might not be a real satisfaction.


In case you are looking for a fully equipped solution in terms of functions and accessories and you are not bothered by cleaning chores, we would recommend this model anytime.

2. Black & Decker CM5000B Review

The second model on the list is being presented by Black + Decker, another great vendor in terms of coffee appliances. The CM5000B model is considered to be a fast and simple to be used coffee maker with an in – built grinding solution.


  • You can always choose to activate or not the grinder.
  • In case you are not buying it only for yourself but also for your family or colleagues, this is the right choice. This model allows you to select the right strength of the brew.
  • The tank is made of no – stick material.
  • The provider is offering the equipment with a two years warranty.
  • Quick touch solution – Colourful buttons are designed in order to make your mornings easier.
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  • We have case studied this Black + Deck coffee maker with in – built grinder in different situations. The only disadvantage we were able to identify is its poor design. The appliance cannot be considered as one of the most attractive.


If you are not running after outlook, shape and design than the model presented by the Black + Decker is your right choice. It is made of no – stick material and offered with a quick touch solution. These elements contribute to your morning tranquility.

3.Cuisinart DGB-625BC Review

The DGB-625BC model is another fully programmable solution that is being offered by Cuisinart. It is a coffee maker with automatic processes (12 – Cup).


  • In case you are looking for a stress – free routine, the manageable DGB-625BC model is able to provide it to you thanks to its shut off control (from 0 to 4 h).
  • Say goodbye to your morning alarm and switch to the DGB-625BC pleasure. Your coffee will be prepared during the time you are performing other home chores, thanks to its automatic nature.
  • The grind and the brewing have dedicated compartments that allow the coffee to remain fresh to the end.
  • The device has a professional style and shape.
  • In this case, Cuisinart exceeds all expectations by offering this product with a three – year guarantee.


  • The only cons we could identify in this model was its weight. But, when we consider the benefits and the outstanding performance it is offering, we think that this element is not relevant.
  • The appliance is conceptualized according to the NAE standards.


When it comes to an outstanding performance, we can enlist this specific model coming from Cuisinart. There seem to be no disadvantages apart its weight. We also need to mention that weight is associated with durability and strength, thus the product can remarkably consider a great performer.

4. Cuisinart DGB-550BK Review

In case you decide to buy the Cuisinart DGB-550BK you will be able to grind whole beans and then brew the best coffee through one of the best coffee makers with grinder.


  • The appliance is coming with a full set “Control Panel”
  • The On & Off setting is being supported by LED.
  •  Whenever your coffee is ready you will be notified by means of an audible indicator. The sound will be heard up to 5 times, thus you won’t miss your morning coffee anymore.
  • The device has also been designed with a clock display that will orient your timing before going out to work. No excuses anymore!


  • During the testing phase we have noticed that because of the condensation gathered in the grinding compartment, coffee might get stuck.
  • The appliance is conceptualized according to the NAE standards.


The Cuisinart DGB-550BK has been designed in order to offer all the morning facilities. It starts with a grinding of fresh coffee to its brewing and then informing you that everything is ready. During your coffee time, you can easily check the clock in the appliance and manage your rushing hours’ time.

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5. Jura ENA 9 One Touch Review

The last product on our list has been selected by the Jura ENA product gamma. This model is considered a great approach in case you are looking for a cappuccino in the morning.


  • You can brew 6 different coffee categories with the same appliance without compromising morning easiness.
  • The device is coming with an attractive glossy outlook (metallic double coat). The materials that have been used to build it up are adding durability and reliability.
  • You can adjust the strength of the coffee and you can adjust the grinding properties at the same time.
  • The pump is a 15 – bar one
  • The vendors have conceptualized the device with a preheating intelligence.


  • The downside of this model consists of the fact that the water compartment is not that big.


If what you need for your office is an intelligent device that is able to grind and brew coffee altogether, the Jura ENA 9 One Touch is the best approach you can go with. Fully programmable and automatic, it can deliver 6 different coffee varieties in order for you and your dearests to achieve the desired tastes.

Decision Time!

After reviewing these best coffee makers with a grinder in – built solution, we need to make our final decision. We are aware of the fact that the final decision cannot be a universal one. As we usually mention, the best product depends on the user individuality. The same rule applies even in the case of the best coffee makers with grinder.

Yet, we need to express our opinion which can serve to you as a point of orientation. Considering the questions we have treated in our buyer’s review, we concluded that the top coffee maker with grinder is the DGB-550BK offered by Cuisinart.

The device is managed through the “Control Panel” that has a number of options and settings, easily identifiable. This model has applied visual and audible notifications in order for the end user to understand when:

  • Coffee grinding is over
  • Coffee brewing is over
  • The device is on or off

Audible notification can be heard up to five times leading you to a perfect time management. The only disadvantage we noticed during the testing phase of the product was related to steam condensation in the grinding compartment. But, when you are using the appliance as per the instruction this phenomenon will hardly happen.

There are a lot of ways on how to derive to the right choice, but all of them are mostly connected to what you need. Thus, whenever picking up the product of your choice, try to go back to the simplest questions – why, when and what. Using all the information we have provided to you in this review, you will possess all the information on how to understand which the best coffee maker with grinder is for you.