Best coffee maker under $100 (Year 2018)

A given product category can include different items with a different price range. Usually, when you are looking at the price you already associate it with the expected quality and return on investment. At same extent, you can find different types of coffee makers offered at different prices in the market. In this case, we are going to treat the best coffee makers under $100 that are available in the market.

During our research, we have been focused on the quality and the features of the each tested item. We have made sure that each of them possesses the necessary specifics that enable a smooth experience and a great delivery quality. We can proudly announce that there are many good coffee makers in the market, but we have picked up the Best coffee maker under $100.

Buyers’ Guide!

What are the things to be considered when buying a coffee maker under $100?


When we choose to buy a coffee maker at a pre – defined budget, the first thing we need to consider is durability.

There are a lot of coffee makers that can be found under 100, but not all of them guarantee long – lasting durability that overcomes frequent usage and time.

Thus, we always need to pay attention to the materials that have been used and the vendor of the product. There are many elements considered when building up a coffee maker.


In order to feel safe in terms of after sales services, we need to make sure that our new coffee maker is being offered with a guarantee form that covers a certain period after the purchase date.

The longest the guarantee period the safe you will be when buying the best coffee maker under 100. There are a number of serious vendors that offer great coffee makers at really convenient prices and still are associated with a guarantee period.

If you expect to use the device frequently on daily bases, you will need a stable and efficient one.

Purchase point of sale

The point of sale where you make the purchase is almost decisive in regards to the quality of your new coffee maker.

You can find similar products will same budget range in different stores or sales channels. Because of this, you always need to investigate on the point of sale customer feedback in terms of reliability and satisfaction.

A reliable point of sale can support you during the decision -making process, whilst one which is not might negatively impact your decision.


Regardless of the budget range, you should always check your demands list. What are you looking for in a coffee maker and what does the given one offer to you?

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In case these two sides are matching, then you choice can definitely consider a smart one. Always pay attention to the instruction papers as they are providing detailed information on the product characteristics.


Best coffee maker under $100 Reviews

1. Black & Decker DCM600B 5 – Cup Coffeemaker Review

The version offered by Black & Decker is a durable solution. The DCM600B 5 – Cup Coffeemaker has a 740 ml capacity. Considering that it can brew up to 5 cups of coffee it is a great choice when you are looking for a family coffee maker.


  • Duralife glass carafe – This is considered a great material that minimises the risk of damage during transportation and washing. The carafe is marked with the level combinations of coffee and water.
  • Removable filter basket – You can easily remove the filter basket in order to clean it and use again and again
  • Light notification – Thanks to the on/ off lights you can always understand when your device is on and running.
  • User – friendly experience – All you need to do is push a button and the device will turn on and off as per your demand.


  • Design – The only downside evidenced from user experience point of view is the lack of a compact design.


It is evaluated as a good choice when looking for an entry level coffee maker for family needs.

2. Cuisinart DCC-3200 Review


  • Cuisinart is coming with a silver and shining coffee maker. It is a 14 – Cup made of glass carafe in order for the user to check the measuring. The handle is constructed of stainless steel material which makes it strong and reliable.
  • Programmable Coffeemaker – You can choose the type of brewing you need in order to fulfil your taste and flavour.
  • Self – clean solution – Cleaning has never been so easy. The self – cleaning solution provided with this coffee makers adds more value to the normal features of a coffee maker.
  • Adjustable temperature – You can select the right temperature for the water.


  • Design lack – In order to fill the tank you need to move the whole appliance.


The model is reported as a great brewer and it also has a commercial outlook. It is considered to be durable and efficient for small to large families of office teams.

3. OXO Good Grips Review

Here we are with a cold brew coffee maker that is being offered by OXO. The appliance is great if you are looking for a coffee concentrate that possesses low – acid amounts. The benefits of this model are many, but we will be concentrating on the most important ones.


  • Perforated Rainmaker™ – This is an outstanding feature that makes possible the correct distribution of water in order to ensure a tasteful cup of coffee
  • Easy Filtration – All you need to do is switch a button and the filtration process is initiated.
  • Feasibility – The appliance parts can be detached in order to be stored in small compartments.
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  • Usage complication – From user experience feedback it has been noticed a level of complexity during the appliance usage.


The OXO Good Grips model is considered an interesting and attractive one. It offers a number of operations and the only disadvantage encountered is in relation to the complexity of usage.

4. Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review

We have included in our list the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker. This model is a 12 – cup one and it is proud of many advantageous features when considering the best coffee makers under 100.


  • User – friendly experience – The coffee will be right in your cup. There is no chance for spilling and there is no need for a carafe.
  • Variety – You can use any type of coffee in this model. Also, you can brew according to your taste. The Hamilton model allows you to brew regular, cold, bold, etc. variations.
  • Auto shut-off option – You can program the appliance to automatically shut of within an interval of 4 hours.
  • Timer Settings – You can set your brewing timing in order to prevent the coffee taste loss.
  • Attractiveness – The designers have been careful in adding certain eye – catching elements (ex. Control panel is constructed of stainless steel).


  • Plastic container – The only disadvantage that could be evidenced in the given model is that the coffee brewing container is provided in plastic.


We can deliberately consider this model as an excellent one. It has a lot of features and functions. It can also be compared with other models that are being found in more expensive categories.

5. BUNN GRB Velocity Review

It is the last product on our list, but cannot be considered the least. The BUNN GRB Velocity model is another great coffee maker advised for home/ family purposes. It can brew 10 – Cups in the shortest time possible.


  • 3 minutes efficiency – If you are looking for the fastest coffee maker amidst the best coffee makers under 100, this is the right one. It brews in full capacity for only around 3 minute’s time.
  • Ready on demand – The water will always stay hot in order for you to brew your coffee without waiting for it to reach the right temperature
  • Smart carafe – The smart design used to construct the carafe totally avoids dripping chances. You can say goodbye to mess and drips around your coffee maker.
  • Guarantee – BUNN is offering this product with a 3 – year warranty term. You can always feel safe as long as you are using the given product.


  • Coffee Spray – The appliance is designed with a coffee “spray” that intends to properly distribute water in the coffee ground. From user feedback, we have been informed that this is not always properly functioning.


If you want to buy a coffee maker that makes your life easier in terms of time, this model is a good approach. Water will always be at the right temperature to start brewing. Also, if you love to be ensured on your investment, in this case, you will be for a period of 3 – years thanks to the warranty terms provided from BUNN.

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Decision Time!

We provide 5 pick – ups with the only purpose of allowing you to understand which the most efficient features and characteristics are. We know the importance of coffee and the coffee maker in our daily routine and we know the impact it has in terms of efficiency and comfort.

The 5 models that were chosen from us as the best coffee makers under 100 dollars are excellent in regards to their individual characteristics. Each of them has a set of benefits that might fulfill your individual demands. What are you looking for in a coffee maker!

Anyways, we always try to keep it as simple as possible! Thus, in case you are perplexed and do not know which of them to choose, we are here to select the top of the top.

During our decision – making process, we have taken notes on what the most of us are looking for in a coffee maker. And almost all of us agreed on a set of features, including but not limited to: user – friendly, wide gamma of selection in terms of coffee types, programmable and automatic solutions and why not a glance of attractiveness – it is that kind of appliance we are putting on the top up of our kitchen or office table.

Once we were all set, we evaluated the models one by one, and we are proud to announce that the one possessing this set of qualities is the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker. Hamilton, as usual, has taken care of its prospect users. The device is really friendly. You can have your coffee directly in your cup, without having to clean the coffee carafe each time you brew coffee.

Another important aspect, included in our demands list, is variety. With this model, you can use any type of coffee and brew it as per your individual taste (natural, cold, icy, bold, and so on and so forth).

What about an automatic solution? Hamilton couldn’t let you down! There is a set of programmable options coming with this model. You can decide and select the shut – off moment within a period of 0 to 4 hours. You can also choose and program the brewing time. This option guarantees there will not be a loss of the coffee taste. You can set the timer and the coffee will be brewed in a future time pre-set by you.

The last element in the wish list is – design. Hamilton has taken care of this request as well. The model right here has many attractive elements enriching its design. You can put the appliance anywhere in your kitchen or office and it will do nothing else but adding style to the surroundings.