Best coffee grinder made in the USA Of 2018 & Buying Guide

When buying a coffee grinder we are generally asking on the product origin. It looks like individuals have created a personal culture in terms of trusting the country of origin for certain products. Because of this, and because there is always a category of consumers attracted from a certain country of origin, we judged it necessary to review the best coffee grinders that are conceptualised and constructed within the USA.

Despite the review, we have been paying attention to the consumers’ question marks as well. We will be providing a short and orienting Buyers’ Guide before starting with the best coffee grinder made in USA review.

Buyer's Guide!

1. Is there any differentiation in terms of quality when comparing a USA manufactured coffee grinder with one which is not?

If we are talking brands, we can deliberately confirm that regardless of the country of origin, your product will be a good one.

USA brand companies are producing highly qualitative coffee grinders that are also shipped around European and other continents markets.

Thanks to globalisation, manufacturing companies have exchanged their experiences and made their products fully compatible with any type of customer needs.

2. What does the term “compatible to North America Electric Standards” refer to?

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

This term refers to the combination of frequency and voltage in the power supply. North America has a specific combination which is – Voltage = 120 V & Frequency = 60 Hz. This combination wouldn’t be compatible in European countries and most of the other worldwide countries as well, because their combination is – Voltage = 230 V & Frequency = Hz.

When your coffee grinder has the term “compatible to North America Electric Standards”, it means that you won’t be able to use this device in another country different from the ones in North America.

3. What should I consider when buying the USA made coffee grinder if I am not living in the USA?

As mentioned in the above topic, it is important for you to pay attention to the electrical standard compatibility. If the appliance is as per your country requirements then you can perfectly go on with your purchase.

 Although, you might need to consider the “after sales processes” in relation to timing. Make sure your vendor offers technical support in your country of residence in order for you not to wait months in the case of any incident with your appliance.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr

Baratza Encore Conical Burr

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4. Is the USA manufacturing/ producing manual coffee grinders, or is it producing only electrical ones?

Breville BCG800CBXL

Breville BCG800CBXL

USA manufactures are producing different types of coffee grinders. These can be manually operated or electrically operated. Both of the types have their own qualities and specifications on which the prospect customer is based on during the decision phase.

We strongly suggest you read our Reviews and the detailed descriptions provided on each of the product Pros & Cons. We have selected different types of coffee grinders which have resulted in the best one based on user satisfaction and feedback.

5. Are there any restrictions in terms of grounding variety?

No, there is no specific restriction affecting the USA coffee grinder models.

These appliances are conceptualised to serve any type of brewing necessity.

You can start with an espresso and end up with a French press, any type of recipe is achievable with a good USA coffee grinder.

BRU USA Ceramic Hand Burr

BRU USA Ceramic Hand Burr

Best coffee grinder made in the USA Reviews

1. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Review

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The first product on our list coming from JavaPresse. It is conical type coffee grinder which is operated manually. This type of coffee grinder is suitable for any type of coffee grounding. The model is made of durable materials which add more value in terms of customer satisfaction.

In case you are looking for an individual solution in regards to home – grinding your coffee for a fresh taste, this model is a great option. Because of its manual operation, it is able to grant you the smoothest coffee mass ready for brewing. Unless time is a restriction to you, the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder perfectly and quietly fits your needs.


  • 18 precision settings – You can choose the right coarseness for your grounded coffee beans.
  • Fully portable – The unit is manually operated. It means there are no cords around you and you won’t need to find a place with a power outlet in order to grind your coffee. You can grind your coffee beans anytime and everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Quiet Solution – Again, since we are dealing with a manually operated coffee grinder, we are blessed by the quietness during the grinding time.
  • Long – lasting durability – The combo burrs are made of ceramic and they are really long – lasting even when compared to the stainless steel ones.


  • Time – Considering that we are dealing with a manual operation, the full grounding of coffee beans takes considerable time than when compared with the electrically operated solutions.

2. Manual Coffee Grinder – BRU USA Ceramic Hand Burr Coffee Mill Review

BRU USA Ceramic Hand Burr

Here we are with another handheld and manually operated coffee grinder. The storage container is made of glass and it has a protective lid. The product is coming in black color and has an elegant style and shape.

Have you ever wondered about cleaning easiness related to the coffee grinder? If yes, this model is built as per your demands. The BRU USA Ceramic Hand Burr Coffee Mill can be easily transferred from one location to another without any trouble at all. The vendors have built it in a really light weight. As it is manually operated it is not producing any noise at all.

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  • Easy to clean – Because of its shape and materials, the appliance is found to be really easy to clean and washed.
  • Lightweight – Considering the fact that the appliance is a manual one, the vendors have taken care to make it as light as possible in terms of weight. Thanks to these efforts, the appliance can be easily transported from one place to another.
  • Dual conical burrs made of ceramic – The conical burrs are made of ceramic and this combination prevents the coffee grinder from possible heating. Heating during grinding compromises the taste and flavor of the coffee.


  • Time – consuming – Again, the only cons identified in this manually operated model is the time consumption.

3. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Baratza Encore Conical Burr

It is now time to switch to the electrically operated coffee grinder. We are starting with the Baratza Encore model which is coming with a conical burr solution. This unit has a number of benefits, but we will be considering those that have the largest impact on the user experience.

This model is a great option when you are looking for an electrically operated coffee grinder. It is almost fully automatic and you can choose between 40 different grinding options. Coffee beans are maintained fresh and cool thanks to the DC engine. From the operational aspect, this model ensures a really user – friendly experience. All you need to do is push a button and grinding initiates.


  • 40 choices – Baratza Encore offers a really wide gamma of grind options. You can select between 40 different choices depending on the coffee variety you prefer.
  • DC motor – The grounded coffee mass will be maintained at the appropriate temperature thanks to the exact combination of gear speed reduction and electricity.
  • Brewing – Thanks to the right conceptualization, you can use this model for manually or espresso brewing. Very little leftovers on your unit.
  • Pulse button – All you need to do is push the pulse button which is located in the center and the device will start grinding the coffee beans.


  • It has been noticed a slight shaking of the appliance during the usage. Users need to place the unit in a fully flat surface in order to avoid possible instability.

4. Breville BCG800CBXL Smart Grinder Coffee Machine Review

Breville BCG800CBXL

The Breville BCG800CBXL model is found really attractive. It is being offered in the market in a cranberry red color. It is an electrically operated appliance that offers a wide range of benefits. This model is able to provide up to 25 levels of grounding as per your choice.

Breville BCG800CBXL Smart Grinder Coffee Machine is considered to be another excellent option when considering USA made coffee grinders. It is offered with a number of settings like LCD screen, bean hopper and programmed dosage feature that enable the user the achieve a joyful experience when grinding his/ her own coffee at home.

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  • Menu screen – The unit is equipped with an LCD screen that provides information on: Grind setting, Number of cups/ shots, Tailored grind amount
  • Auto dosing feature – You can add coffee doses during the grinding time and the appliance will automatically adjust the flow accordingly.
  • Bean Hopper – The vendor has constructed the hopper with the right elements. It has a locking system that combined with the air tight lid function permits the easy transferal of beans.


  • Noise – It has been evidenced a slight noise produced by the tool by the end of the grinding.
  • The appliance needs to be properly and frequently cleaned in order to fully remove coffee left behinds.

5. Baratza 586 – Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder Review

Baratza 586

The final product in the best coffee grinders made in USA list is another Baratza model. The Virtuoso coffee grinder is a great approach when you are looking for multiple solutions in terms of coffee varieties. It is electrically operated, thus time won’t be your concern anymore.

Baratza 586 – Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder has been considered as the outstanding model when testing the coffee grinders made in USA. It is fulfilling almost all the necessary criteria to be selected as the best one. It offers variety, speed control, attractive design and durability.


  • Speed control – The Virtuoso model is coming with a DC motor that has been programmed in order to maintain your beans at the right temperature. Another beneficial impact of this motor is the fact that it is able to ensure a perfect smooth grounding.
  • Variety – This model is able to provide the perfect grinding regardless of the type of coffee you are looking for. This is guaranteed from the conical burrs.
  • Elegant design – When the manufacturers conceptualized this model they must have probably been focused on the outer appearance importance. This model is being presented with a very attractive and elegant design.


  • The only downside of this model is the noise production. The model is evidenced to produce a slight noise during the working time.

Decision moment!

We are now about to let you know on the final verdict drawn from us in regards to the best coffee grinders made in USA. Our selection has been done based on the most requested elements when about to buy a coffee grinder. These elements are:

  • Time efficiency
  • Grounding variety
  • Durability

After a careful review on any of these 5 models presented in our review, we concluded that the model fulfilling these requests is the – Baratza 586 – Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder. This model is capable of adjusting speed in order for the consumer to choose between different types of groundings.

Another important element is the coffee beans flavor protection which is usually lost because of the high temperatures achieved during the grinding time.

Thanks to the conical burrs this model can ground any type of bean. As previously mentioned you can achieve any type of grounding.

Apart from the functions and the durability, this appliance is also great in terms of design and outfit. Thanks to the designers it has an expensive outlook and can fit any kitchen style.