Best 4 Cups Coffee Maker Of 2018 & Buying Guide

When discussing over coffee makers, those who are new to this product are focusing on some components such as usage easiness, taste, size and shape, meanwhile, they are missing another important element – the number of cups of coffee it can deliver. It is not that coffee makers are producing endless cups of coffee without replenishing their water tank.

Those who have already been using coffee makers are aware of the importance of the number of cups. Usually, a 4 – cups coffee maker, which is the product we will be discussing in this review, is the one selected for a small office who want to enjoy a cup of coffee during the working hours. But, there is more to know to on the 4 – cups coffee makers, thus, let’s have a look at our Buyer’s Guide.

Buyer's Guide

Which is the right size of a cup of coffee?

Yes! You are about to buy a 4 – cup coffee maker, but what is the size of a cup of coffee? Well, it is another parallel debate on this issue, but we will accept that the accepted cup of coffee contains up to 6 oz.

This means that if you are going to brew the coffee in a 4 – cup coffee maker then you will need to pour 4 x 7.5 – 8 oz water (which is the standardly accepted water mass to produce a 6 oz. cup of coffee).

If you carefully follow these instructions, then you will be having the right amount of coffee in your cup. When we talk about cups of coffees, it also depends on the coffee variety you will be consuming.

What is the tailored consumer category for a 4 – cups coffee maker?

We already have mentioned something about this topic in the introduction paragraph.

Usually, the most suitable consumers for this type of coffee maker are considered to be families and small offices with a restricted number of colleagues (3 – 5 one members).

Anyways, we cannot skip individuals who prefer to consume large quantities of coffee on daily basis or expecting regular friend visits.

Thus, we derive to the conclusion that if a 4 – cups coffee maker fulfills your needs for coffee at a serving, this is the right choice for you, unless you are willing to replenish your unit twice or thrice.

Is there any specific brand I should focus?

No! All trustful and reliable brands are producing coffee makers with different cups. All you need to pay attention is the product characteristics in order for you to identify the cups size.

Is the carafe size important, or any type of carafe can be used?

Coffee makers are being offered in the market with their own carafe. The carafe opening shape and size is compatible with the unit.

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Thus, it is strongly advisable not to try to fit a carafe not related with that given unit you are using. 

Of course, a 4 – cup coffee maker is coming with the appropriate unit size and the adequate carafe size as well. The larger the number of cups the more abundant the carafe is.

We have run a careful investigation on the 4 – cup coffee makers and below we will be providing the top 5 marked and reviewed as the best outstanding models.


Best 4 Cups Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Mr Coffee Programmable DRX5 – The 4 – Cup Coffeemaker Review

The first model is coming from Mr Coffee. This is a programmable solution that provides excellent coffee. This vendor has already been present in our reviews because of its devotion to this product category. This 4 – cup coffee maker has a number of benefits in terms of user experience.


  • Light Indicator – No need to focus on your coffee maker restlessly. The light indicator will always show you when it is on or off.
  • Cleaning easiness – The filter basket can be easily removed in order for you to fill or clean it.
  • User – friendly experience – This model is coming with an interesting solution for the transition stage. You can fill your cup of coffee meanwhile your coffee maker is still working.


  • From the users that have been using the appliance, it has been reported that the lid on the top takes time and efforts to be opened.


This specific model is a great choice if you are willing to spend some money for your coffee making solution. All the aspects of this model are considered to be user – friendly, starting with usage commodity to washing simplicity.

2. Mr Coffee DR5 4-Cup Coffeemaker, Black Review

This is another 4 – cup coffee maker presented by Mr Coffee vendor. The DR5 is already proud of the common Mr Coffee elements (light indicator, brewing pause, etc), but at the mean time showing off on some other additional features that grant more attractiveness to it.


  • Elegant shape – You can set your Mr Coffee DR5 anywhere in your home. The black appearance associated with the elegant design will be doing great and adding more style to your coffee corner.
  • Water window (Doubled) – You can check the water levels from both of the unit sides. This way you will always be aware of when the unit needs to be filled.
  • Integrated cord compartment – In order for your unit to look neat and avoid surrounding mess, the appliance is designed with an in – built cord compartment.


  • Uncomfortable lid – the model is equipped with a two – sided handle, thus you need to use both of your hands to open it. This is not considered practical for a number of users.


This is an attractive approach to go for when about to buy a 4 – cup coffee maker. You can always keep your unit under control in terms of water and power on/off. Your surrounding won’t look messy because of the unit cord. Once you finish brewing, you can put the cord in the in – build cord storage.

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3. Elite Cuisine EHC – 2022 Maxi – Matic Review

Here we are with another 4 – cups coffee maker. This model is being presented by Elite Cuisine. The positive aspects of this model are a lot, but we will be listing those which are mostly impacting the users’ experience.


  • Dishwashing carafe – The Elite Cuisine EHC-2022 Maxi – Matic is dishwasher safe. Thus, you won’t need to stress up to about the washing routine.
  • Pause & serve – Through this feature, you can pour coffee on one coffee and your appliance will continue to brew the rest of the quantity.
  • Built – in filter – The filter compartment can be easily washed in order to be used again after the usage.
  • Programmed Carafe Warmer – You can brew your coffee and consume it later. Thanks to the hot plate your brewed coffee will be keeping the right temperature for around 60 minutes.


  • Thin carafe glass – The glass from which this carafe is made of is relatively thin. Because of this users need to pay careful attention to transporting or cleaning of the unit.


Looking for dishwashing parts? Here we have a dishwashing safe carafe! Make sure you safely insert the part in the dishwasher and the job is done. Despite this, the appliance is offering great user feasibility thanks to its pause and serve option. Another great feature of the given model is its ability to maintain coffee warm up to 60 minutes from the time brewing is over.

4. Cuisinart DCC-450BK Review

Cuisinart is bringing another 4 – cup coffee maker that has been selected as one of the top 5 coffee makers of our list. This model is coming with a stainless – steel carafe that is considered as a smart solution in terms of temperature.


  • Knuckle guard – If you have always been worrying about the drips coming out during the coffee pouring process, now you won’t need anymore. Thanks to the knuckle guard you will always be free of dripping.
  • Programmed shut off – Your Cuisinart DCC-450BK will automatically shut down after 30 minutes.
  • Modern shape – Thanks to the compact design, this model is coming with a modern outlook.


  • Users have identified a light noise occurrence usually once the brewing is at the end.
  • This model is created in accordance with NA Electrical Standards only.


The Cuisinart DCC-450BK is suggested to any of you who is really addicted and stressed over the dripping phenomena. Thanks to its knuckle guard no drip will be evidenced around your coffee corner. Especially, in the case your kitchen or dining room has a modern outfit, this model is highly advisable.

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5. Venus Espresso Coffee Maker Review

Venus Espresso Coffee Maker is another product enlisted in the 5 best 4 – cup coffee makers. It is made of stainless steel construction to ensure strength and durability regardless of time and usage.


  • Stove top solution – All you need is pour water and coffee ground into the unit and place it on the stovetop.
  • Stainless steel – In order to grant long – lasting durability and temperature immunity, the unit has been provided in stainless steel construction.
  • Efficiency – Once you put your Venus Espresso Coffee Maker on the stove, it will require only up to 5 minutes for the coffee to be brewed.
  • Nylon handles – You can easily handle the appliance regardless of the temperature, thanks to its nylon handles that are resistant to heat.


  • Cordless approach – In order for the unit to become operational stove is necessary.


If you are looking for stove top 4 – cups coffee maker, the Venus Espresso Coffee Maker is the right model. It is made of stainless steel material which is considered great for heat management and durability. In case you are not looking for a programme unit, this is the right choice for you.

Decision Time!

This is the right time for the righteous choice! We have already reviewed our top 5 4 –cup coffee makers and distinguished them as per their specifics characteristics. Bearing in mind that each and every of us has its own individuality, we are almost convinced that the model was chosen by us as the “Outstanding one” won’t fit everyone’ choice. But we are completely sure that one of these 5 definitively will!

We are dealing here with the same size coffee makers, thus difference stands in other characteristics apart from the size. We have selected the excellent one considering the number of benefits it brings to the user in terms of simplicity and product delivery.

Cuisinart DCC-450BK resulted in being the outstanding performer based on the above – mentioned criteria. It is great in terms of maintaining a neat environment thanks to its protective guard solution and. Your kitchen will look like more ordinate and less messy thanks to its nice modern shape brought in a compact design. You can place it anywhere and it will look nice!

Because of the protective guard, you will have less cleaning demands.

Another beneficial aspect of this particular model is its programmed shut off feature. You can switch your device on and keep on doing other tasks. The unit will automatically switch off after 30 minutes.

So, to pack it up, there are a number of reasons why people should drink coffee during their daily routine. These reasons are mainly related to neuro – system. Considering this as a universal truth, why should we complicate things by choosing the wrong 4 – cups coffee maker?! Let’s keep it simple and choose the Cuisinart DCC-450BK or any of the other 4 4 – cups coffee makers included in our top best 4 – cup coffee maker review.